Me and Lisandra had awesome craic for Paddy Weekend!

We are part of Samboeire, a drumming band in Sligo and we took part in a parade in Kiltimagh for St. Patrick’s day. We were very Irish, parading on the streets of the lovely town of Kiltimagh. It was our first experience in a parade and we are very proud we had this opportunity. We were been playing bells and being in the front line of the group was not easy! All eyes on us, people filming and taking photos, definitely being a star is not an easy job ;).

The parade was very cheerful and inventive, I was impressed by people’s imagination. Most of the groups parading had the 1916 Rising theme, since this year is the centenary of the most important moment in Irish history. But we also had…Donald O’Trump! And the Pope…and dancing nuns!0168726867fbf2332e3746e0a1c4c7ec98b0d6966e

We ended up having a pint in the local pub and then we hit the road to…Galway!! Just after realising we lost the car keys but they were found and returned to us…a bit of adrenaline… 🙂 :D.

We planned a little road trip that made us appreciate even more the natural beauty of Ireland.

You can see on the map our route and most the pins have also photos from the places we’ve been.

Day 2 started in Galway with a morning walk in the city and then we went a famous part of Ireland: The Burren and Cliffs of Moher. As always, I am lucky having wonderful weather, not a trace of clouds in the sky!

Driving through the Burren taught us about the karstic landscape of county Clare, the name “Burren” comes from an Irish word “Boíreann” meaning a rocky place and it is indeed very much like that because of the exposed limestone. This same rock gave to the landscape the wonder of the Aillwee Cave, one of the oldest caves in Ireland, amazing formations and alongside the wall a surprise waterfall sprayed us!

At the Cliffs of Moher we had a long coastal walk with many stops for pictures, it was breathtaking and is very hard to comment about what was there! The dramatic cliffs in the sunshine are imposing and making their way to your heart and mind.

Saturday was a day dedicated to the Wild Atlantic Way, going on the coast and enjoying the landscapes, having a picnic on a beach with turquoise waters and foraging for …limpets! Lisandra, told us about the limpets, called lapas in Portuguese that she would take from the rocks in the Azores and cook them. So, she felt at home managing to get the limpets and in the evening we cooked them with garlic and butter, it was awesome!!

We passed by Roundstone, and Clifden, a lovely coast town, Cleggan and ended up in the heart of Connemara – Letterfrack and enjoyed a sunset on a little peninsula, Tullycross.

Day 4 started with a hike in the Connemara National Park. We made it to the top of Diamond Hill and the view was extremely rewarding. After, we drove around Ireland’s only Fjord, Killary not being able to talk, astonished and overwhelmed of it all. Sunday’s picnic was on the sides of the Ashleigh Waterfall and we continued to the “lost beach” of Mayo, Silver Strand. We wanted to see the sunset but it was cloudy…good weather coming to an end at the same time with as our trip. But instead of watching the sunset we found more limpets and ended up home, cooking them and ending properly our amazing days.

Ireland is an amazing country, I knew it before coming here and before going on this road trip but those days were as beautiful as only I could have imagined. Both me and Lisandra love being close to the water, we have a special relation with the sea/ocean and being on the Wild Atlantic Way meant a lot.

Many thanks to our amazing friend, Del that drove us this week end to the best places!