EVS on-arrival training

From 1st – 4th December, the GEAI volunteers went to Dublin for their EVS on-arrival training, organised by Léargas. This training brings all EVS volunteers in Ireland together and gives them an opportunity to share learning and experiences and to have fun!

15369610_1808150142793664_1755525483_oAndrea, Kate, and Alex had a great time and connected with the other volunteers living in other parts of Ireland. It was a time to share experiences, learn about other cultures and their organisations. It was also a time to look back and reflect on the EVS experience so far. The three volunteers learned more about planning ahead, Youthpass and even received some advice on problem-solving!

One should not judge people based on stereotypes

Andrea found these four days a great opportunity to reflect on her own experience in a deeper way and to see things through the eyes of different people with different nationalities and cultures. She learned that one should not judge people based on stereotypes and that culture has a major influence in the way of thinking. She discovered that leaving her comfort zone can make her wiser! She met amazing people with whom she hopes to share trips and memories in a near future.


“As well as the non formal  learning experience, we had so much fun discovering  Dublin with our colleagues and challenging ourselves through a funny race  game with different tasks, tasting traditional Irish food in The Brazen Head and getting to know our charming trainers”.

An injection of positive energy


For Alex, this was an injection of positive energy as he feels a renovated momentum to face his next challenges within the workplace and on adaptation to Ireland. Alex really enjoyed meeting volunteers from other parts of Europe and even got to do a little language exchange.

“The Dublin challenge was a fantastic opportunity to get to get to know the city better and learn more about the Irish history and culture. The indoor activities were thrilling as well, and the whole training was coordinated by two very friendly and competent trainers. Having dinner in the oldest pub in Dublin was quite an experience for me!

Art and allegories


Kate, our Belarusian volunteer, was the only participant from a non-EU country. For her, it was a really enjoyable time in an international atmosphere full of creativity and ideas. Speaking about difficulties, challenges, success, disappointments and life using art and allegories is really useful for her.

We did a great job discovering ourselves during  4 days. 21 brave people in the same place is something inspiring!