Who we are

Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI) is an environmental NGO that focuses on animating Climate Action, especially in rural areas of Ireland.  It is also an ESC coordinating organisation, hosting young European volunteers and sending groups abroad to work on the environment.  GEAI is based in Leitrim but its remit is all-island. It is a member of the Irish Environmental Pillar and has links with environmental groups nationally and internationally. It was founded in 2011 and is a Registered Charity (No. 20154646). Its Directors are all volunteers.

GEAI was at the forefront of the campaign against fracking (2011-2017), which resulted in legislation signed into law in 2017, banning on-shore fracking in Ireland. Now, our mission has shifted towards the promotion of a climate-resilient future for rural communities.

Our vision & mission

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The GEAI mission is the empowerment of young people and communities to choose and establish high quality, low carbon, and inclusive ways of living.

What we do

Our goals


Net-zero emissions in Leitrim by 2040 (Climate Neutrality)

Creation of job and educational opportunities through climate action, to support the well-being of the rural population

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Raising awareness about climate crisis, targeting schools and communities.

Promote inclusion, solidarity and active citizenship in local communities


How do we achieve this

  • Through the Cróga Initiative:  animating community-based Climate Dialogue leading to implementation of grassroots Climate Actions.
  • Bridging local communities with decision-makers
  • Influencing policy and advocating for Just Transition
  • Engaging locals as GEAI volunteers
  • Engaging European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers every year, as project assistants according to their skills and attitudes
  • Networking with other Environmental NGOs and contributing through the Irish Environmental Pillar to national policy-making.