About us

Who we are

Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI) is a small environmental NGO situated in County Leitrim in Northwest of Ireland.

Founded in 2011, GEAI actively campaigned against fracking and was to the forefront of that campaign until the legislation passed to ban fracking in 2017. Then, it has focused on highlighting climate action and alternative energy sources.

GEAI wants a thriving and climate-resilient (rural) community, linking sustainability and well-being. It works to discuss the transition towards ecological sustainability, focusing on climate action and circular economy. The three main topics looked at by GEAI are sustainable energy, biodiversity, agriculture.

GEAI is also an European Solidarity Corps (ESC) coordinating organisation, hosting young European volunteers in Ireland and acting as a support organisation for young Irish people who would like to volunteer abroad. GEAI benefits hugely from the volunteer’s expertise and technical skills.

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Our mission

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climate action days


We organise and deliver presentations and climate dialogue sessions to communities, statutory organisations, local schools.


With local communities and our ESC volunteers, we organise environmental campaigns, e.g. ban on single-use plastic, researching new approaches to reducing carbon emissions locally and nationally. We also organise email campaigns and submissions as in response to public consultation calls on environment issues, participate in meetings and discussion with local, regional and national decision-makers. We are members of local, national and international environmental networks and bodies.


We are actively involved in the management and development of our community hall and local programmes set up to support local older people and youth. With the local community, we engage in sustainable environmental initiatives, in particular adaptation to climate-related changes and fostering resilience.


We host ESC volunteers and send young local people with fewer opportunities abroad on ESC projects, supporting their personal and professional development while engaging in social activities. These are aimed at integration into the local community, social inclusion, support of tolerance and human rights. We organise schools climate action initiatives and after-schools programmes.