French banks are still funding what they call “extreme fossil energy” – including shale gas – even though fracking is banned from France!  This is the conclusion of a report from from BankTrack, Rainforest Action Network, Sierra Club, Oil Change International, and other NGOs, published in June 2017.   The report reveals the amount of this funding since 2014. It concludes that, even though the amount of money involved is decreasing, French banks are still very involved with that non-sustainable and dangerous energy source.

Lucie Pinson, from “Les Amis de la Terre”, the French branch of Friends of the Earth, warns not to trust appearances. Even though the amount of money given by French banks to extreme fossil energy is decreasing, there is no sign of thee banks planning to stop financing them completely. On the contrary, they just co-financed new bitumen sand pipelines and fracking stations in the US.

Now that fracking is banned on Irish soil, maybe it is time for us also to check our banking links to foreign shale gas.


“French Banks, don’t cheat on Climate” (with a pun on “cheat”, which in French is “trompez” and sounds like “Trump”) – Taken from a French article by “LesInrocks”:

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