Welcome to CCPC!

This year, in the wake of so many extreme weather events throughout the world – hurricanes, droughts, forest fires, flooding and the inevitable graphs showing our global temperature rising, rising… it is time for us all to realise that Climate Change is not a debate but a fact.  And we all must respond, do our bit to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste and our carbon footprint. 

But also we must become Climate Champions – speaking out, influencing our peers and those who make decisions for us.  That’s the main aim of the CCPC project – looking at how young people can be empowered and gain the self-confidence to become Climate Champions.  The event bringing 24 young people to Solta island in Croatia for a week was not just a trip to a beautiful place – it involved hard work as well.  The participants were challenged in many ways and gained hugely in self-confidence as they progressed through the programme and carried out their individual projects. 

And so we now have 24 new Climate Champions – congratulations to all of them!  We enjoyed living and working with them and look forward to new climate initiatives in our three countries being led by some of those great young people.

The CCPC Team