Helloo, Ahmet Can is here again, as ı mentioned before in my previous blog I’m an energy engineer who has experience in different types of energy sectors like wind, nuclear and energy producing companies etc. After coming to Ireland with the ESC program, I had the opportunity to attend some GEAI school workshops prepared by volunteers before me. In this and subsequent classes at the school I attended, I realized that the participants did not get enough interactive activities from the program, which consisted of very abstract content. In the following weeks, I saw some different posts on the internet similar to our training program on renewable energy that contained games and included more practical activites than theory.

I started to prepare a new program for my ESC project in Ireland. I combined the trainings I had previously given as a volunteer when I was a university student in my own country with this new fun program with experiments. I made connections with the expert people, benefited from their experiences and took notes of their suggestions, and asked my questions during the content development phase. Then I did research for the materials and products to be used in the lessons, and after comparisons and budget adjustments, the products that were most suitable for us were purchased.

After, the products were tested and appropriate presentations were prepared, schools that might be interested in this content were contacted and lesson dates were arranged with those who accepted.

The prepared presentations and experiments were tested beforehand and the necessary feedback was collected, and after making some improvements, a draft was prepared for the first class.

In the first week, while our French volunteer Victor made a presentation on climate change in schools, I facilitated the process and took care of other parts such as ice breakers activities, quiz competitions, online form. In the second part of the training the next week, I conducted the workshop on renewable energy by ıntroducing games to the presentations I had prepared beforehand, and different experimental materials.

After collecting the necessary feedback and experiences after the lessons, I am now making improvements to this workshop that I have designed. Some of the experiments in the project are related to whether it is a windy or a sunny that day, so I am trying to make backup plans for these experiments in case of this possible situation. At the same time, I am doing research and taking notes on the internet to see how different studies can attract the attention of young people.

At the end of this project, my goal is to make this education process sustainable for other people after me, by preparing a content describing the whole program flow, experiments and how I use the kit before completing my volunteering in Ireland. I hope everything will be good :).