SINCE 1611

The activity

 Last week, EVS volunteer Andrea, organised a game called climate change in Youth Café Drumshanbo. We divided the group of kids into two teams. Each team had a name. Each member of the group had a card with a picture and the correspondent  word. They had to memorise the word. In the room, one chair in the middle, two pairs of Wellington boots in one corner and two hats in the opposite corner. The moderator, Andrea,  started reading a story related to climate change while children were walking around the room. By the time they heard the word they had on their cards, they had to run, put on the boots and the hat and sat on the chair placed in the middle. The first player who did it, got a point for his/her team. If they heard the word: climate change any player of each team could do it. Again the team which first did it got a point. At the end, the team with more points was the winner.

The result

 It was a good game to keep them focus on the climate change short  stories the moderator was reading and at the same time get  familiar with related vocabulary, for instance: sea level, ecosystems, global warming, glaciers… We had some much fun while learning!