Screenshot from the video youtube

On 10th October, GEAI was received very well by the Joint Oireachtas Committee. An important outcome is that the Committee has agreed to write to the EPA to request that the Steering Group (set up to decide on the Terms of Reference for the more detailed research report on fracking) agrees to include GEAI.Before our presentation, Laura Burke, EPA Director General, made a submission to the Committee.
Representatives of Tamboran, the company given the licensing option for North Leitrim/Fermanagh were invited, but they did not attend, saying there was no point in doing so before 2015.
At the end, an open discussion occured between the GEAI members (Liam Breslin, Dr Aedín McLoughlin and Eddie Mitchell) and the members of the Committee.
This is the complete video of the Joint Oireachtas Committee meeting (online made by The Mr Sir Charles). The GEAI contribution begins at 1:36:00:
(More information in our press release)