Yesterday 3rd May, EVS volunteers Kate & Andrea organised an environmental obstacle race in Youth Café Drumshanbo. It was part of the activity plan they have started in October last year. The purpose of the race was to learn about renewable energy, biodiversity and environmental disasters and to have fun at the same time.

Youth Cafe activity(1)

The game

We set up two equal gymkhanas (one for each team) with obstacles. We had two sets of cards with different images related to biodiversity, renewable energy and environmental disasters. Each set contained the same 14 cards (same images). We faced down the cards on a table besides each team. At the end of each gymkhana there was a cardboard divided into three sections: biodiversity, renewables and environmental disasters. The group was divided into two teams Alex the Lion with its respective lion hat and Pink Cowboys with its cowboy hat. Each team had to queue at the beginning of the gymkhana.


The race

When they heard GO! the first player of each team had to wear the team hat, take a card from the table, pass the obstacles without destroying them and place the card in the correct section. If he/she did it correctly, the next player started.

The team which first placed the 14 cards on the different sections got 3 points. Each correct placed card meant one extra point. At the end the team which got more points, was  the winner.


Both teams did a great job trying to guess which cards went in each section. Finally the Pink Cowboys won the competition. They discovered that biomass is a renewable source of energy and they are aware of environmental disasters such as fracking, oil spills, water pollution… It was a great non formal learning approach! We’ll see them next week.