The game

Wednesday 10th May, Andrea, one of the EVS volunteers developed a memory game using environmental protection tips in Youth Café Drumshanbo.

At the beginning children had to make a circle and stand up.  First, Andrea started with a ball in her hands and  she had to pass it to one of the kids shouting out his/her name. This kid had to do the same and pass the ball to another  group member shouting out his/her name. The first round finished  when everyone in the circle had received the ball. After that,  the second round started and  the person who received the ball had to say her/his name and an environmental protection tip, for instance: I’m Haley and I’m turning off the lights! She had to pass the ball to another person shouting out his/her name and when this second person received the ball he/she has to do the same, for instance: I’m Thomas and I’m cycling to school. Each member had to remember the name and the environmental tip of the rest so in the  next round, they passed the ball to each other shouting out the person name plus the environmental tip.

The outcome

It was superb to realise they know which kind of daily actions can make a difference and protect the environment. Each of them said one environmental protection tip without over thinking. We enjoyed it and we will be glad to come back next week with a new activity.