Proposed Terms of Reference for Research Programme on Environmental Impacts of Unconventional Gas Exploration & Extraction (UGEE)

Drilling stage

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Unconventional Gas Exploration and Extraction is an emerging issue in Ireland, in particular with regard to the use of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) technology (EPA press release). The EPA initially commissioned preliminary desk research which was published in May 2012.  A Steering Committee has developed proposed Terms of Reference for a more extensive programme of research and the EPA has now launched a public consultation on the draft Terms of Reference document on behalf of the steering committee.

Submissions invited, to be in by 8th March.

GEAI respects the right of people and groups to engage or not to engage in the EPA Public Consultation process.

Proposed Terms of Reference document (complete) [pdf]

Proposed Terms of Reference document (summary) [pdf]

About Submissions [doc]