Thanks to Lorraine, in Frack Off, UK: 
  1. Firstly I am sure you are all aware of the solidarity day that is happening in Upton on January 16th. Upton is currently being evicted as I write this. If the eviction is unsuccessful please can you share the event on your Facebook groups and pages. If you know of transport going from your area, please share that too in the event:
  2. There is a national event that is happening on 31st January. A very spur of the moment event but has caught on quite quickly, a gathering to take place in as many towns across the UK.  Can you please share on your page the link to the national event, and the local event, if you know of one.
  3. There is a fund-raiser for protectors who were arrested at Barton Moss. Greater Manchester Police was incredibly aggressive at this protection camp and many complaints were made. We are hoping that many of these protectors will be found not guilty, which is normally the case for most cases involving anti-fracking protectors.  The fund is also to assist protectors with travel costs to court, so if you can contribute, please do, and share this is the link.
  4. Friends and the Earth have created a Stop Fracking Action Pack. Many frackivists (including myself) have contributed to this very valuable document. Please take a read, share around and get inspired: