September brought a new start to “Good Energies 2020”, our Strategic EVS project funded by Erasmus+. This project will use the enthusiasm and skills of our EVS volunteers to contribute to our work in combating climate change, empowering young people to tackle climate change and to become climate leaders in their communities. This project will continue for two years and will be the main focus of our EVS volunteers until then.

As part of this project, we will be working with schools and communities, organising climate action projects and days, carrying out energy surveys in local towns, giving seminars and organising conferences. In our work with schools, we will be working with Eco-Unesco, who are engaged with the development of climate change modules for Transition Year students. Our work is ground-breaking and we will be very much focusing on non-formal learning in our methodologies.

Our first action is to organise a series of Climate Action days with Transition Year students in Mohill Community College. Our first day is on 23rd October and our EVS volunteers look forward to working with those young people.

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