Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise Duit

Happy New Year!

GEAI volunteers are back to work! After all the festive ambiance, food and parties we are back, fresh and full of hope this is going to be a very good year.

I would like to tell you a few words about our holidays. We had the chance of decorating, cooking and celebrating Christmas with a lunch at the office where, we the volunteers brought traditional food from our countries: Ukrainian “borsh”, Romanian “zacusca”, French “buche-de-Noel” and Georgian “katchapuri”. We were introduced to “red braised cabbage with apples” and “minced pies”! But the Christmas Pudding is something special!


Irakli was the only volunteer who spent the holidays in Ireland. Cédric spent Christmas in France with his family, but for the New Year he did a road trip with his friends visiting the south of Ireland, Wicklow mountains impressed him. I was in Romania with my family and I enjoyed also a few days of proper snow, especially the morning when I was suppose to go to the airport was heavy snowing!

We met after the holidays with the same though in our minds: We want to be back in Ireland! We missed Ireland!

So we have done New Year’s resolutions: Cédric wants to keep studying and comparing the legislations on fracking in other countries but also make contact with anti-fracking activists over the world in order to help Ireland with this matter. I want to commit to social media but also contribute to energy efficiency education on-line and offline.

We are happy to be here in this historic year for Ireland and celebrate 100 years from the Easter Rising along with the Irish people. Also we are committed to the anti-fracking campaign and hope soon we’ll be able to say we were part of history, we took part in the change that will bring Ireland closer to a greener future.

 Personally, we want to keep exploring Ireland, this little country is like a treasure chest! In between trips, we experiment with cooking and we are discovering our musical talents with the mandolin for me and the guitar for Cédric!

Last but not least, Monday was a reason for joy because a new volunteer, straight from the Azores joined us at GEAI! More about the new stranger, soon!

We thank you for following us and supporting us and a better environment in this new year!