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Energy constantly interacts with our daily routine in many ways, hence options to save energy are accessible, adaptable and scalable. There’s a multitude of recommendations out there, from no-cost-quick-win tips & tricks to investments that quickly pay back. We selected some for you to use.

Check out how you can start saving energy and cut on your energy spending in the Heating, Electric appliances, Lightning and Transport pages down here ↓


Space and water heating

Electric and electronic appliances




And check also the infographic on the side made by SEAI. It gives you useful recommendations on how to save energy in each of your house room (click on images to enlarge) ⇓

Check also these external sources we hand-picked for you.

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Energy Saving Trust quick wins

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On average, 35% of the energy that flows through our homes is wasted. Practicing energy conservation habits at home, work, school and embracing the efficiency mindset can be curious and engaging. Just starting by being more aware of the energy flows around us triggers saving behaviors. For example, making energy consumption visible results in savings in the 10-15% range.

Our homes are responsible for a quarter of all final energy use in Ireland. The typical Irish house can save up to 80% its current energy spending with non-drastic interventions. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of energy savings in buildings are still untapped. Are you ready to join the energy efficiency revolution?