Electric appliances

Electronic devices and electric appliances altogether typically consume 80-90% of the electricity used in Irish houses and offices.

Not all electric appliances are created equal. Some have a heavier weight on the electric bill than others.

Relative consumption of common appliances found in Irish households


Source: GEAI. Real power consumption data from a sample of households.

How to save energy consumption of electric appliances

In the following infographics we prepared a list of zero-cost-quick-win tips & tricks to save the energy use of your electric appliances and devices.

You could save 5 to 15% on your electricity bill by implementing these no-cost tips.

Check the power consumption of your electric stuff

Electric goods producers are obliged by EU law to declare the power consumption of their products via the Energy Label. Usually, Watts are reported on the appliance and instruction manual. You can always search for the power consumption of your equipment at https://www.wattdoesituse.com/

And for DIY folks, get a plug-in watt-o-meter for less than €20 that will display in real-time the power absorbtion and cost of your running appliances.

The Black List of Watt-voracious monsters

  • Electric heaters, the winter electrons-hungry pests
  • Tumble dryers, a monument to Irish damp weather.
  • Electric showers, boilers and cookers, a thermodynamic nightmare.


Source: Coolproducts, ECOS.