(The figures in the following article were correct before the pandemic and the ‘energy crisis’)

Lighting expenditure is on average 20% of the household utility bill.

Lights fall under the Energy Label directive, so go for the highest class (A) when you do your lighting shopping. The most efficient light type available in commerce is the LED (Light Emitting Diod), which

  • can save up to 85% with respect to the traditional incandescence bulb;
  • emits a quality light of different temperatures (Kelvin);
  • is fully dimmable;
  • is virtually indestructible;
  • does not contain mercury.

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  • energy consumed at equivalent liht output

You can use this handy light savings calculator prior to buying new lights.

Saving tips

lightning saving tips

Generally, adopt a switch off policy and on Earth Day, switch all lights off!