The first day in the house was the arrival one, so it was a very long and tiring day. The second and third days were installation days, when  I unpacked my clothes and sorted them. Also, I spoke with my  family. My sister and my parents wanted a tour of the house so they got a WhatsApp tour.

My fourteen days were based on the same routine, I woke up between 8.45 and 9.15. I ate three times a days like normal people . When the end of each day arrived it was time to go to bed. The activities I had were watching movies, listening to music  and I also finished a book a French one of course ! The author was Gilles Legardinier, one of my favorite authors. With Silvia who is the other volunteer I was quartantine with, we watched Star Wars. I suggested to watch only the first six episodes because the three last can’t be considered proper Star Wars movies. Moreove, I also watched football games. As a fan of the Franch football team, I watched them on the 5th and 8th of September. We won both games so I was quite happy even though they didn’t play as well as they should have. Let’s talk about the weather, so no it doen’t rain every day in Ireland. During my fourteen days there were both rainy and sunny days. When the day was sunny, I made sure to take a walk to forget that I was in quarantine. During one of those walks I crossed paths with people horseriding. I was quite nervous, I don’t feel comfortable around horses !