Yesterday, 29th March, EVS volunteers developed an innovative activity in Youth Café Drumshanbo. The main purpose was to remember and learn about fossil fuels, renewable energy and recycling while the kids were playing a competitive game.


The game

We decided to create something different, a game they could enjoy and which could encourage them to learn more about environment.  At the same time we all know kids love competition, therefore based on these ideas, we created our game.

Using recycling materials, cardboard in this case, we designed a board with different squares from number 1 to number 20. There are three different kinds of squares on the game: numbers which have associated an specific task (sing a song, introduce yourself in a different language…), toxicity squares (with a skull on them) which mean a missing turn and the third type  wind energy, solar power, fossil fuels and recycling squares which have associated an environmental question related to those topics .

We divided the group of kids into two teams. A player for each team started the game, they had to throw the die, go to the related square and complete the associated task. If they did it correctly they could continue playing. When the player reached the last square, number 20, a new player started. The purpose of the game was that every player reached the end square as soon as possible. The team in which all players did it before, was the winner.

The outcome

It was a complete success! Children were engaged and they experienced a real competition. They tried to do their best for the team. We concluded that our board game was an original idea to encourage them to learn more about environment

game 2