The day of Stop the Study campaign was finished with the showing of documentary movie about fracking “Groundswell Rising”, organized by Young Friends of the Earth, the movie session was held in the basement of Sweeneys Pub in Dublin.

The documentary made by American anti-fracking organisations, presents the negative and very dangerous effects of fracking. Neighbouring populations of fracking installation endure plenty of consequences: noises, water pollution, destruction of biodiversity, etc. Was the perfect occasion to show present people what can happen also in Ireland. Nobody would like that here. Stop the Study campaign takes on its full meaning.

The main idea of the movie was about the harm that oil and gas industry brought to USA. Also, it was described, step by step, that high level officials were the participants of the process including representatives from the Department of the US who influenced on the regulations and laws connected to the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act during George W. Bush administration.

Aedín's presentation

Aedín’s presentation

The State influenced the decision makers on the legislative process and the people who were against the fracking, especially, in Pennsylvania and New York State. Like with the Study, the compromise between public responsible and hydrocarbon companies have great consequences.

Groundswell rising is about how a campaign can move from a few people around a table to thousands of people demonstrating on the streets and influencing political decisions.

After the movie session, Aedín McLoughlin made the presentation “EPA Study on Fracking: A Compromised Process” and answered the questions from the public present in the pub.

People were interested in the major role being played in the EPA research study CDM Smith and Amec, consultants to the oil and gas industry. This study is discredited because it is not independent. Also, there is no public participation. Why the secrecy? People seem to take it very personally. And they are right! It’s their country!

Their main concerns were how they can make a difference and raise this problem to their politicians.

To see the documentary:


Us, the EVS volunteers, after a very long day and our first campaign, ended the night in the pub by taking artistic pictures!