No…no…There is not a festival going on 9 nights and unfortunately is already gone, but we are so busy here at GEAI and I haven’t had time to write about this wonderful experience sooner.

Big mistake since I was not just present in Belfast for the festival but I was part of it!!

Anyway…my part was not something big,


Alice and Del ready for the show!!

I got into this just one day before the actual big evening because one of our local volunteers, Del, was going to be there with the drummers so I manage to get a place among the torch bearers. Not the ones coming along in the street but the ones performing a bit of choreography with the torches.

But wait! I haven’t said anything about what Nine Nights is!

It comes from Indian mythology: We follow the devastation of a land torn apart by war and ruled by fear, only to be overcome by a true warrior goddess in an epic battle of good over evil.

This spectacular piece of outdoor theatre takes it’s inspiration from the Hindu celebrations of Navratri (which translates to ‘Nine Nights’), Diwali & Dusshera.

The classic tale tells of a powerful demon, who became immortal and could not be killed by any weapon. He wreaked havoc and misery on the land and it’s people.

Devastated by his terror, a true female warrior was born to defeat the demon. The warrior, known as Durga, fought with the demon for nine days and nights and on the tenth day she defeated the demon and restored peace to the land.

Only on succeeding the people find there lies an even greater battle ahead. A love tested by separation leaves a despairing, true hearted soldier seeking help. Inspired by the blessings of the warrior, the soldier sets of to fight an epic battle to rescue his love from the hands of tyranny.

It was roughly one hour of flag, torches, dancers, Gods, lights, dragons and fireworks. The weather was on our side…no rain, otherwise I would be soaked waiting for my turn outside. We, the torch people were dressed all in white 😀.


The torches

The show took part at Belfast City Hall and it was organized by ArtsEkta Northern Ireland’s leading ethnic arts organisation. A mix of cultures that offered a show about how good always defeats evil and how can we work together. It was one big event in Belfast, know for its past events and also I heard it was something new that something like this was allowed in the City Hall.


Since I was part of it I was not allowed to have camera during so I only have some photos from the first rehearsal and I put on the link for the official video: