The end of summer brought the end of our European Voluntary Service in Ireland.

During this year we’ve been through a lot of experiences; living in another country as an EVS volunteer is a huge deal in someone’s life.

Last September, we (Alice and Cédric) arrived in County Leitrim; in January Lisandra joined us. Together we worked for GEAI, each one bringing their own contribution and personal touch to the work. We learned what is like to work in an NGO, what is like to work on environmental campaigns, to lobby politically, to organise events, to do research and manage social media.

All of this helped improve our English and enriched us. But we also found out what is ‘craic’ and how important the pub is in daily life in Ireland! We attended many cultural events including concerts, festivals, music sessions and even the Ploughing Championship!

Least but not last, we traveled in Ireland as much as we could to get to know our hosting country better. Thank you GEAI and everybody who supported us and made us feel at home here! We are very happy with our experience and we made the most of our EVS.

Here you can read an interview with us about our year here, what we like, what we have done and a lot of craic!