Ask your TDs to close the loopholes in the new Climate Bill

The new Climate Bill is undergoing pre-legislative process. Though welcome, it is far from being the game-changing climate law Ireland needs. Its weaknesses can still be fixed with if we massively demand policy-makers to do so

Webinar: Leitrim Cróga Initiative

A Climate Ambassador Talk by Nick

Trip to Tommy Earley's

Finding harmony on a sustainable farm

Trip to Arigna Fuels

We paid a visit to Arigna Fuels, intrigued by their sustainable biofuel production line.

Here’s the story of an olive stone’s journey to become biofuel, and more!

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Boyle Household Energy Survey

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ACT4ECO: don’t let the heat escape your walls (and wallet)

ACT4ECO: don’t let the heat escape your walls (and wallet)

ACT4ECO is a new online platform that will help you become more energy efficient. Because there is room for everyone to act! You can learn how to change your home, both on a small scale and on a larger scale. You can learn how to change your habits and become aware of...

Agriculture, the commons and climate justice

Agriculture, the commons and climate justice

A perspective from Leitrim Premise: the Cróga initiative  In December 2019, Good Energies Alliance Ireland published the first county-based carbon inventory report of its kind, choosing County Leitrim as the setting. This was the result of six months of work by a...

Climate & Communities on-line Climate Dialogue

In October 2020, GEAI CEO (Aedín) and Erasmus+ team (Nick, Marine and Silvia) co-facilitated an online Climate and Communities Dialogue convened and hosted by An Cosán. This was a pilot to explore how community online climate dialogue sessions could be carried out and...

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Marine: Quarantine Days

Marine: Quarantine Days

The first day in the house was the arrival one, so it was a very long and tiring day. The second and third days were installation days, when  I unpacked my clothes and sorted them. Also, I spoke with my  family. My sister and my parents wanted a tour of the...

Silvia: A Quarantine Diary

Silvia: A Quarantine Diary

DAY 1 (31/08) It’s 8 p.m. and we have just arrived at our new house. I started travelling at 9.30 this morning, going from my little town to Venice Airport. Luckily, I didn’t have to stop at another airport to arrive in Dublin. But I guess the real adventure started...

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