Wednesday 5th April, EVS volunteers Kate and Andrea developed a new game in Youth Café Drumshanbo. The idea was to teach the group of children energy and water saving tips, common actions that are part of our daily life and make a difference.

Pass the box learning game!

The activity

First of all we took sheets of paper and we wrote statements which could be  energy/water saving tips or not. Some of the statements were true and some false.

The kids had to queue in a circle with their legs apart, they passed the box to each other between their legs while music was playing. When music stopped, the kid who had the box in her/his hands or between her/his legs  picked up a paper and read the tip. He/she had to decide if the statement was actually a tip to save water/energy or not. If the answer was correct they continue playing if not they were out. Some of the papers contained the message: Out of the game! which meant the person who picked it, couldn’t continue playing. The last player who remained  in the game was the winner.

The result

After all the excitement, we concluded they were familiar with practically all of the tips and even they explained us what they usually do to save water and energy. They learned that eating less meat saves water and energy, that supporting local markets helps the environment and cycling and walking instead of driving are good practices to avoid pollution. We were delighted to share our game with them. We will come up with new ideas for next week!