Leitrim Cróga GHGs Inventory Report

The report gives a detailed account of greenhouse gas flows (emissions and removals) occurring in major activity sectors in Co. Leitrim

Main figures

The figures below show the Greenhouse Gas emissions of each sector of human activity in Leitrim, in 2020.

Agriculture is the largest emitting sectors (43%). It is followed by Transport (22%) and the Residential sector (20%). The other sectors exercise a marginal pressure. Overall, Leitrim GHGs emissions are estimated to be c. 0.7% of the total national emissions.

Leitrim gross emissions per capita are 13.6 tons CO2 equivalent per year (on par with national value).

Net Emissions per capita (after the sinks are counted) are 7.7 tons CO2 equivalent per year, 32% less than the national figure.

leitrim carbon inventory

Leitrim Cróga GHGs Baseline Report

This milestone research work was put together by GEAI Erasmus+ researchers with the advice of academics and local experts. It is the first GHG inventory of its kind, to the extent that it adopts a county-centered perspective. The inventory was compiled studying the following sectors of human activities that emit climate-forcing gases: Agriculture, Transport, Residential (Housing), Energy Industries, Other Industries, Commercial & Public Services. Moreover, natural carbon sinks were analysed, such as Forestland and Wetland. The result is a baseline against which future decarbonization efforts are tracked.