Leitrim energy industries infographic

When we look at Energy Industries’ greenhouse gases emissions in Leitrim we include emissions from:

  1. Non-renewable electricity generation;
  2. Petroleum refining facilities and other emitters (i.e. waste to energy incineration, briquette manufacturing and fugitive emissions).

Virtually all those carbon emissions occur in fossil fuel power plants and facilities outside County Leitrim, but since the electricity (and petroleum products) they produce is traded all over the country and consumed in Leitrim too, we account for the associated emissions as if they were produced in Leitrim.

The sector emits about 24,200 tons CO2 per year, corresponding to 6% of total county emissions.

86% is emitted by non-renewable electricity from the national electric grid, 14% by oil refining and others.

However, wind farms located in County Leitrim are able to produce 84 GWh per year, renewable energy that is added to the national grid. This represents 64% of the annual electricity consumption in Leitrim. Without the local wind farms, Leitrim would have to take additional electricity from the national grid resulting in added 36,795 tons CO2 emissions.

More wind farms are planned to be built in Leitrim in the coming years, and old sites will be revamped. This will lower the non-renewable electricity share further, contributing to the government target of at least 70% renewable electricity by 2030. The Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS) will facilitate the transition, securing also an up-scaling of solar home systems and unleashing community participation and ownership in renewable energy project investment.