Leitrim residential sector emissions infographic

There are two ways to look at the Leitrim Residential Emissions:

1. Considering only the emissions from domestic fuels combustion for space and water heating purposes (these are called residential emissions)
2. Or considering the full range of the typical family emissions, in terms of heating, electricity and transport needs

Leitrim Residential Emissions amount to 86,400 tons of CO2eq per year, or 7 tons per house. Emissions per square meter in Leitrim are 27% higher than the national average. This results from a 17% higher energy consumption per square meter, and the large use of oil and solid fuels for space heating instead of gas, the former options being more emitting. Houses built before 1970 emit almost double the amount emitted by more recently built houses.

Total emissions from Leitrim families are 161,710 tons CO2eq per year, 37% of the total county emissions. 13 tons per family, 5 per person. More than half of these emissions stem from Heating needs, 31% from Transport, 16% from Electricity.

Retrofitting is key to stop emissions, save money and tackle Energy Poverty. It makes our houses a more comfortable place to live into. It creates jobs and prosperity. There are grants available out there for insulation works and energy tech upgrade, but upfront cost affordability is still a major problem for families, especially for the ones in the Eat or Heat situation. Lack of liquidity and complicated paperwork to access funds is preventing to take up deep renovation. Only a small fraction of houses have been retrofitted in Leitrim.

This study is part of our CRÓGA project – Climate-Resilient Opportunities for Generations ahead. Read the Baseline Report and get involved in our ongoing Climate Dialogue.