Leitrim Transport Emissions

Leitrim transport sector infographic

Let’s look at Leitrim Transport Emissions. It’s almost a quarter of our emissions! ⛽️ 🚕 💨

🚌 🚙 Emissions in the Transport sector stem from two main categories: private vehicles (55%) and goods vehicles (33%). The remainder is tractors and public transport.

🚗 👥 The data reveals a high reliance on cars. There is 1 car for every 2 residents. As a result, we travel 15% more by car in Leitrim than in the rest of Ireland. The use of public transport is very limited: slightly above 1% of the total distance travelled.

🚛 🚜 The second big chunk of Transport carbon emissions in Leitrim is goods vehicles. There are 3,402 goods vehicles in Leitrim, each one travelling around 20,650 km per year.

🧐 According to the Irish Climate Action Plan 2019, we have to reduce the transport emissions by around 38% in only 10 years. How can we face this huge challenge in rural area?

This study is part of our CRÓGA project – Climate-Resilient Opportunities for Generations ahead. Read the Baseline Report and get involved in our ongoing Climate Dialogue.