Transport & Energy | Leitrim Cróga Climate Dialogue

Transport overview

Transport is the second biggest emitter sector in Leitrim greenhouse gas emissions. All the stakeholders play a part in transport emissions, but the main ones are households and transport firms.

Moreover, transport has a direct impact on people daily life. This is why participants were committed and had really interesting discussions.

Climate discussions

The Climate Dialogue opened many subjects, such as:

  • Car dependence in the countryside areas
  • Lack of and/or inadequate public transport offer with demand
  • Food and goods transport

climate dialogue transport table

The outcome of the Transport and Energy table

We spoke a lot about cars that emit less carbon such as hybrid or electric. Electric cars seem to be a part of the solution but also show limits. Indeed, other issues must be solved to make them successful, like more environment-friendly batteries, suitable infrastructures (fast charging points) and renewable electricity production.

Moreover, the group pointed out the underuse of car-sharing in Leitrim. Car insurance seems to be the main obstacle restricting its development.

Public transport was also one of the main subjects discussed. In order to have more efficient public transport, the participants gave ideas such as aligning timetables and destinations to the need (work, shopping, health…). They also drew attention to the price of public transport (reasonable cost or free).

Finally, more general themes were discussed: reducing the need to travel, reducing the transport distance of goods.