Wednesday, 2nd of December, Newstalk Fm morning show hosted a short debate on fracking. The talk was live, just half hour before the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Energy where TD’s questioned EPA research study on fracking.

The talk was between Dr. Aédin McLoughlin, director of Good Energies Alliance Ireland, with a PhD in Biochemical Pharmacology [Cancer Research]  and Tony Alwright, an independent oil and gas consultant and moderated by Ivan Yates, ex Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry from 1994 to 1997, current host of the Newstalk Breakfast show.

Ivan started by stating that he knows nothing about the fracking subject just what he heard from the U.S. and he maintained impartiality through the interviews. More interesting was that, the oil&gas consultant, Tony, was also not very familiar with the situation in Ireland. Using words like “possible” and “everything is relative” he gave us general facts about fracking, and as Aédin stated a “sanitised version”.

Tony spoke about the impact of one well; Aédin reminded listeners that fracking involves hundreds, if not thousands of wells, changing rural areas into industrial zones.

Fracking causes major pollution with contamination of air and water. 5% of wells leak immediately on completion, 50% of them leak after 5 year, causing major greenhouse gas emissions.

Listen to the recording and let us know what you think.