Nino, our Italian EVS volunteer, took part in the “Reimagining our Rural Communities” event organized by Leitrim Development Company in Drumshanbo on September 26th. The meeting was attended by various associations and organizations representing the entire county of Leitrim. The aim was to stimulate debate and share ideas and opportunities for the future of the county.

Leitrim is a rural county, and this has both positive and negative aspects. Sometimes the decisions made by the central government do not fit well with the real needs of the territory and there are different problems. The aim of this first meeting is to activate a virtuous process that, starting from the requests of the community and therefore of individual citizens, tries to imagine and put into practice solutions.

During the meeting four round tables were set up and the one in which Nino participated was called “Dreams”. The question was: What do you dream for Leitrim? The answers were really varied and just to name a few: development of renewable energy and recycling, better public services and implementation of practices such as car sharing. – Leitrim could become a model in this field and be, for example, the first sustainable county in Ireland. – In addition, more services – for example the health service is really lacking – and consequently higher quality of life, greater opportunities for young people, and finally greater sense of community.

The issues addressed were many, some generic while others specific, and what is positive is that several people have come together to talk. Maybe Leitrim’s strength lies in the fact that it is a small county, and together it is possible to create a common vision on it. So see you at the next meeting.