STEAL THE GLOVE-2Wednesday 8th March, International Women’s Day, EVS volunteers Kate & Andrea developed a dynamic game in Youth Café Drumshanbo. The purpose was to have fun and at the same time see what the kids remembered about our previous activities.

Steal the glove

We divided the group of kids into two smaller groups. The teams lined up on opposite sides of the room. Andrea, the referee, was in the middle. Each team member had a number- one, two, three and so on. The referee started the game by calling out one number, for instance: Three! Number three of each team had to pay attention to Kate, who was standing out of the game area. She read some statements related to the various environmental topics they have learned about since we started to collaborate with the Youth Café. At the moment they heard a FALSE statement they had to run, steal the glove and come back to their team without being tagged by the other player. If they were tagged while stealing, the other team received the point. At the end of the game the team which had more points was the winner.

The result

Both teams were competitive until the last minute. They wanted to win and they were concentrated on the statements. They discussed between the team members if they were true or false. It was interesting to hear their reasoning. After the game we were happy to conclude they remembered what we explained them in previous workshops. It was a great session! We will see them next week.