On Wednesday 9th November our EVS volunteers, Kate and Andrea, visited the Youth Café in Drumshanbo to develop an activity programme on Renewable Energy with a group of kids between 10-12 years old.

The purpose of the programme is to understand what children know about the environment and what they are interested in. Our final goal is to arouse their interest in environmental protection and to recognise how we can protect the planet.

We organised different activities: first an icebreaker to get familiar with our group and try to have fun and know each other. After, a game to understand how important land is and the impact of climate change (floods, droughts, hurricanes) on those who lose their land. Finally we used different pictures related to pollution, recycling, energy, wildlife, and we discussed them. For Kate it was really interesting to explain to them what a hydroelectric power station is and how it works.

The children were full of energy and creativity, really engaged with the activities and we understand that they would like to have more sessions with us! We had great support from youth’s centre workers who helped us with all the activities.

It was our first experience with the group and we have found it a perfect combination of learning and fun! It was really interesting to see how all of them began thinking in a different way. We are looking forward to working with them again!