Our European Volunteers

Meet the young people that have worked with us over the last years.


Hallo und Griaßgodd! You just have been greeted in standard German and in Swabian. My name is Liv and I am from Ostfildern which is near Stuttgart in the South of Germany. The Swabian culture is very common in the area where I live, especially the Swabian humour. About half an hour drive away from my home town is the Swabian Alb which is a natural habitat on a huge plateau and to me the most beautiful place I know.

I always liked going on hikes and being in nature. Apart from that I also enjoy drawing and reading. I mostly read fantasy novels like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. However, I like to read books about scientific topics as well which is why a shelf in my room in Germany consists of books about climate change, psychology or philosophy.

Despite knowing that climate change exists, I am always shocked when witnessing its consequences. For example, when driving by a burned down forest on holiday or visiting a place that has been struck by natural disaster, such as Braunsbach, which is not even two hours from where I live. This is part of the reason why I really want to change something for the better and as I saw that this is exactly what I could do at GEAI in Ireland, I immediately applied.

Not only was I excited to take part in the project but also to visit Ireland for the first time and explore nature and culture there. It is also a great chance to improve my English and my social skills.


Bonjourain! I’m Victor and I’m from France. My family is French, but I was born in the United States and we moved back to France when I was little. I’ve spent most of my life in Colmar, near the German border. It’s a pretty town, famous for its Christmas market and the inspiration for Studio Ghibli’s film “Howl’s Moving Castle”. For my studies, I went to Albi, in the south of France, and I loved it. Its cathedral is magnificent and the people are very friendly. I’m an engineer, specializing… specialising (I forgot, there’s no “z” in Ireland) in renewable energies. I like pizzas… pissas, card/board/video games, playing table tennis and swimming, watching football and rugby, and walking while listening to music.  

Sustainable development is an important subject for me, so I learned a lot about it and also joined my school’s association working on sustainable projects. We organized events, proposed ideas to our school and kept abreast of climate change. I also really wanted to go back to Ireland, as I had already been there a few years ago with my family for a vacation, and had loved it. When I found out about ESC and the GEAI offer, I didn’t hesitate and immediately applied. I want to experience life abroad, meet people from different cultures, and work for an organisation that is trying to plan actions in the energy field. I’m really looking forward to this experience! 

Ahmet Can

Merhaba ! My name is Ahmet Can (yes, “can” is name in my country 😀 ) and I come from Mersin / Türkiye. My city is South part of Türkiye- it’s a Mediterranean city and it gets really hot, especially in the summer months.  I really like my city because it has a long and beautiful coastline.

I’m Energy Systems Engineer and have worked at different wind turbine, nuclear power plants and energy producer companies. I know that the energy sector is the largest producer of carbon emissions and I would like to contribute to the green energy transition in the coming years.

I love living actively, enjoying time to the fullest, and trying new things. During my university years, I volunteered in many organisations and helped as much as I could. In addition, during those years, I tried quite a lot of new sports and activities and I visited many cities. I like to try new activities and figure out which one is right for me and learn more about myself. I have always been a person who is open to new ideas. For example, I am a fan of stoic philosophy. In summary, if there is something new, I am always ready to try it. 

As a person who believes that global problems can be solved with global collaborations, I think that this project is a good opportunity for me to improve myself in this regard.  For this reason, I would like to work with organisations (companies, NGOs, Startups etc.) that do meaningful work and cooperate towards a green transition. It was precisely at this point that I thought that this project could have been an excellent learning experience for me, where I could make a meaningful contribution. So, here I am. I hope that I can make great new friends during the ESC project, improve myself in many ways, and have plenty of good memories. 🙂


Salve/Piacere di conoscerti! I’m Chiara and I come from a town situated in Northern Italy, not too far from Milan. Its name is Varese, and it is a ‘border town’ as it stands between Italy and Switzerland. Even though my town is small compared to Milan, there are many interesting locations that can be visited in its surroundings. In addition to the many archaeological findings that testify the region’s ancient Celtic past, the Sacro Monte (Sacred Mount) is the most notable one. As it is a pilgrimage destination that goes back to the Middle Ages, comprising 14 baroque chapels and a sanctuary of artistic and architectural interest, the Mount figures among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2003. However, the Sacred Mount is also a site of naturalistic interest since it is located inside a natural protected area called Parco Regionale del Campo dei Fiori, which in recent times has been experiencing the consequences of climate change such as biodiversity poverty, droughts, pollution and fires.

Growing up so close to nature, I’ve always had a special interest in the environment, and as soon as I noticed the opportunity of volunteering at GEAI, I decided not to miss it! Another thing that brought me here is my passion for languages and for Irish culture, which I had the chance to further develop during my undergraduate degree in foreign languages, my ERASMUS year in Scotland and my master’s degree in Medieval Studies at Trinity College.

I hope that through my experience at GEAI I will learn more about environmental preservation and be able to apply my newly acquired knowledge in my daily life.  My goal here is to help spreading GEAI’s mission by reaching broader groups of people, to create a real impact on a local, national and global level.


Bonjour ! My name is Arnaud, I’m 26yo and I come from France, I was born in Paris, but I spent most of my life in Nancy, in the Lorraine region, in the north east of France. I did my studies there in languages university, where I studied english, spanish, and chinese, but this last one was sooo difficult ! Now, I’ve come back near Paris, but in a very small city called Ormoy, the smallest city in the region ! 

I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland, and discover the irish culture, so when I saw the job on Erasmus + portal, I directly applied, and here I am !  What can I say more… one of my passions is music, I have a guitar and I started to take lessons since 8 months, so I’m not a musician but I would like to write my own songs one day. I also love photography, I have a camera that I use to take pictures of nature, animals, people, all kinds of things. I play video-games since I was a kid so it’s also a very important passion for me, as it helped me to learn and improve my english, as well as movies and series. Profesionnally, I would like to be my own boss in interior decoration, as I got my diploma after a 9 months training, but for now I don’t have the money and the ressources to do it, so it will have to wait a little.

 This ESC will help me to improve my self-confidence, my social, profesionnal and personnal skills, so I’m really greatfull to have the chance to be here ! I will also learn a lot about environnement protection and biodeversity so I’m eager to work on it.


Hola! I’m a mix of Mexican and Italian nationalities, born in a big city Monterrey famous for the steel industry and the famous Mexican bbq’s with tacos near Texas but now living in a little town near Venice in the North-East of Italy with my father’s family. I graduated in Industrial Design specifically in 3D product two years ago and after finishing my studies I moved to Europe in general.

 Traveling around the world I saw the differences between how every country living in underdeveloped countries as well as in others that are growing carries out sustainable energy in each place, more advanced than others and how political decisions can affect each of them; several examples such as narcotraffic, war or even the community itself. My doubts arise daily about how to face and advance on the subject of sustainability in an adaptable way, be it from a child to a senior citizen and why the need to do so and that this is available to everyone in anywhere. One of my dreams that I would like to see come true would be for low-income countries to adapt the techniques that other places use to conserve the environment to the possibility of all classes.

 I’m sure that the experience that I’ll carry out in the beautiful island of Ireland and the culture that I still need to know. I’ll exploit my skills with my teammates from GEAI and we will make a big change in our surroundings.


Hi! My name is Ignacio Martínez Armas and I am from Las Matas, a village in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain. The origin of this neighborhood is associated with the railway industry, as there is an important train manufacture based in Las Matas.

Despite its humble origins,  more people have moved into the town in the last decades. This has created a whole new community that sometimes does not respect the nature that surrounds Las Matas. That is why, few years ago, there was a social movement against the local government because they wanted to build a golf club, which means destroying the countryside of holm oaks and grasslands and its fauna. After many efforts of the local community, we managed to win and, right now, our beautiful forests remain untouched, and the locals can freely enjoy them.

This proximity to nature is the reason why I have always had an interest in environmental issues. But my interest comes from other experiences as well. I’ve loved literature and cinema since I was a kid, which led me to develop this interests at University. Hence, I am interested in how the climate crisis is addressed in the Art. This is the main reason I wanted to come and work with GEAI: to learn firsthand how they are tackling this problem and how it can be translated into literature and cinema… But also, because I have always been in love with Ireland, and this is a marvelous opportunity to deeper understand its culture and people.


Hi, I’m Héctor. I am from Santa Coloma de Gramenet, a city close to Barcelona. The area where my town is now located has a long and ancient history, with records of Neolithic settlements dated at least 3500 BC. It was also home to Iberians and Romans.

Unfortunately, in our most recent history we have also had various enviromental problems, where my family and the community had the opportunity to play an important role. An example of this is my family’s collaboration in the defense and reforestation of a city park ground so that it would not be converted into building land by the local council. Also the local river, the Besós, was used for years as a dump for chemical companies in the area and only after many campaigns and efforts by the community, it is now a protected and became a place for all citizens, where spaces have been set up to walk, ride a bike or just enjoy nature.

Due to all of this, I have always had a great interest in sustainable development and international cooperation. That led me to study a degree in politics and a master’s degree in International Relations and Development. Ever since I visited Ireland on vacation in 2016, I fell in love with this Country, its stories, authors and literature. I have always wanted to return and the opportunity presented to me by GEAI was perfect and at the right time. Here, I can use and develop my knowledge, as well as evolve personally and professionally.


So, let’s break the ice. My name is Alessandro and I come from Modena, Italy. I bet you don’t know that my city is famous for Tortellini pasta and Balsamic Vinegar. If you go to Modena, you will have to try them. You won’t regret it.Now, let’s talk a little about me: I graduated in law in March. At the end of my university studies, I wrote a thesis on the use of hydrogen, to make mobility more sustainable. I have always been extremely passionate about everything related to Digital Marketing and Sustainability. If I had to describe myself in one sentence, I would quote Steve Jobs: ‘Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish’. Whether you feel like to know me better, I look forward to having a coffee with you.After University, I was looking for an experience abroad and GEAI made it possible. I hope that this experience will help me grow both in my personal and professional life. During this volunteer experience, I would like to help fulfill Good Energies Alliance Ireland’s mission, bringing enthusiasm and positive energy


Hi! I’m Mariangela from a town in the province of Bari, in southern Italy. Bari is the main city in the Apulia region. It was a crossroad and a municipality during the Roman Empire. Today, it is formed by an ancient center (the old Bari), a primitive city center with the main monuments, and the new districts along the coast.

My interest in people and in all their facets led me to undertake studies in Psychology – getting a specialisation in Human Resources.

Since my childhood, I had the opportunity to see the regenerating effect of nature: being in contact with it creates the birth of positive emotions and a state of mental and physical well-being. I like spending my free time taking long walks and exploring unknown places.

During my ESC year in Ireland, I hope to gain more knowledge and skills related to solutions to the climate crisis, renewable energy and improve my language skills to achieve my mission of spreading a sustainable, ethical and responsible lifestyle that respects our home and all the creatures that inhabit it.

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Hello! I’m Carina and I am from Aveiro in Portugal.  

In the XVI century the ‘’Ria de Aveiro’’, that comprehends many saltwater branches and islets, was formed after the sea retreated. The channels that wind through the city are the home for many species and were adapted by humans so boats could pass through both for commerce and personal usage. Even today you can wander in them aboard a typical boat, ‘’moliceiro’’. Both the channels and these boats resemble what you would see in Venice, and for this reason, my town is also known as the ‘’Portuguese Venice’’.

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved discovering how things worked, or how to create anything. I decided to study chemical engineering in University of Coimbra, the oldest university in Portugal, founded in 1290.

In Aveiro I found my passion for the ocean and nature and in Coimbra I discovered my curious side as well as learned that in almost any situation there is an alternative. As for my hobbies I like to read fantasy and novels, as well as watch series and movies, and listen to music.

If you love something you should cherish it, and so I try my best to change my habits or any of my actions that may endanger the environment around me. I hope that my time in GEAI will give me a broader notion of what everyone can do to protect Earth and its’ habitants.

Daniela Estefania

Hello! My name is Daniela Estefania Gil Gambo and I’m from Bogotá, Colombia, but when I was 2 years old, with my family, I moved to Catalonia (Spain), and since then I have lived in a city called Amposta (21.000 inhabitants approximately). Amposta is in the Terres de l’Ebre (the lands around the Ebro River, in the south of Catalonia). Amposta will always have a impotant place in my heart, but, lately, I was feeling the need to fly and live in other places. Terres de l’Ebre is a unique place. It has suffered from dangerous ecological problems due to geographical and political issues.

I’m enrolled in a master’s degree in Data Science in Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (online university) because I want to work in social research, in topics like rural and urban development or sustainability. Now, I want start focusing my career on these issues. This is the main reason for volunteering with GEAI. On the other hand, I would also like to improve my English. Finally, I’m convinced I will learn a lot here in GEAI about ecology, research, and activism.

I strongly believe in democratic values like civic citizenship, ecology, social justice, and intersectional equality. I want to transform society through my personal and professional work. Each of us can contribute to have a more inclusive and conscious society. In Catalan we say “picar pedra“, which means to work hard every day to make changes.

Ilya at Oceanside


Hello! My name is Silvia, and I am from Lanzarote, a small island in the south of Spain. Unlike the green Ireland, my homeland is characterised by a unique volcanic landscape, full of lava and volcanic ashes that make black and red the predominant colours of the landscape. Due to the high level of environmental culture and the numerous natural areas of interest, it was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993.

I have always been interested in social research because it is a way of understanding, giving visibility and a voice to the people. That led me to study Sociology and later to do a master’s degree in International Cooperation and Sustainable Development, where I was able to expand my knowledge to a level that knew no borders and had sustainability as a transversal matter.

The above, combined with the enthusiasm of the people of “the Canaries”, for the preservation of the land – something I believe we share with Ireland – pushed me towards climate action. So, I think the experience I can gain in GEAI, an organisation with such a long history in this field, is vital to be able to go deeper into these issues and gain more knowledge. And at the same time, of course, to have the opportunity to discover Irish culture and its breath-taking landscapes.


Hello! I’m Ilya from Mogilev. It’s a city in Eastern Belarus with a surprisingly engaging history, just waiting to be explored. Perhaps this drive to hear stories of both ordinary people and events of the long past eventually led me to the History Department of Belarussian State University. And with the successful defence of my diploma I’ve returned to my hometown and joined the City Council as a personal assistant to my local representative. 

With the misuse of laws and exploitation of nature, my beloved city started to change and not in the right way. Those unfortunate facts sparked my interest in both Green policies and Just transition. And what is the best way to engage in these issues than volunteering? Ireland and Belarus have common traits in their history: as both were influenced heavily by the Great Powers and struggled greatly to leave the legacy of the past behind. I hope with the help of GEAI I can explore this connection and bring experience to my homeland and share it among my peers! 

On a more light note, I enjoy hiking and nature, as well as TTRPG’s, exploring local history and watching video essays of obscure topics of philosophy of art-house film industry.

Ilya at Oceanside
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Hi! I’m Célia and I’m from the Paris region in France.

I am a versatile and enthusiastic communication officer. I worked for five years in the association and tourism sectors, managed projects in editorial communication, press and influencer relations, and community management.

During my free time, I like to read, watch movies or TV series, play sport and board games, hike. When I am in countryside I have this feeling of freedom and well-being. I am inquisitive, like to try new things and do DIY. I love traveling and discovering new countries – their cultures, traditions, foods, music… I wanted to visit Ireland a long time ago. So, I am happy to be here!

This ESC project with GEAI combines most of my interests. From a personal and professional way, I was looking for a new international experience. My time in Ireland will allow discovering this wonderful country, and learn more about environmental issues.


My name is Simona and I’m Italian. I come from a village near Rome, called Cerveteri. It was an ancient Etruscan city and, today, it is famous for its Necropolis, dated 300-700 BC. Since 2004, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, if you go to Rome, you cannot miss this place, so rich in history and wonderful art.

I have a great passion for foreign languages. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in “Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation”, which led me to love the Spanish language and to study the difficult but fascinating Russian language. My study path continued with a Master’s Degree in “International Cooperation”. During this period, I developed a keen interest in environmental sustainability and climate action.

This ESC volunteer experience combines my most dear interests: languages, communication, environmental protection and the discovery and exploration of a wonderful country, such as Ireland. I hope to have the opportunity to deepen these subjects and to grow both on a personal and professional level.
Besides, I am an avid reader and an aspiring writer. In short, it will be a busy year and a great adventure.



I’m Tatsiana, or Tania for short, coming from Minsk, Belarus. I studied to be a doctor and worked as a pediatrician for two years before I dived into volunteering world. I decided to pause my career for a little while, because I couldn’t take a gap-year during my study or right after it. So back then I was participating in international workcamps during my vacations. Volunteering opened new horizons to me, showed me different habits in different countries and made me rethink my own.

Before applying for a volunteer position at GEAI, I spent a Voluntary Social Year in Germany, Witten, where I was working in a Waldorf-community. There I met a lot of great people, who cared about the relationship between humankind and nature; learned a lot about the former industrial life of the area, and about the present with more sustainable way of living in Germany.

During my ESC year in Ireland I hope to meet a lot of wonderful people (check), to get more perspectives into sustainability and eco-activism (already check and there’s so much more to come!) and to enjoy unique nature of the island!

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I’m Marine and I am French. I come from Montabon, it’s a village in the countryside between Le Mans and Tours. This area is well known for its « rilettes » (that’s food !).

I have a Master’s degree in  «rural areas and local development » and I worked two years as an instructor on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for French local authorities. My competences include geographical information system, project managment, local development in rural area and agriculture.

I am interested in sports such as hiking I follow sports in general. I am really interested in Environment protection and Climate Change. I love cooking. I also have a passion for travelling, I have been in Ireland and really like the atmosphere.

The ESC project with GEAI will allowed me to discover more of Ireland culture I hope and improve my knowledge about envionment.

Volunteer picture
Volunteer picture


“Ciao! My name is Silvia and I’m from the North-East of Italy, from a little town near Trieste. Trieste is known as “the first port to Europe” and it is born from the encounter of a lot of different cultures. This influenced the mentality of both its citizen and mine: I love to travel and to learn about new cultures.

I have just graduated at the University of Trieste in Science and Technologies for the Environment and Nature, a degree that let me discover my passion for ecology and the study of an environment and its protection. Moreover, since I was 7 years old, I have been a Scout so I grew up living adventures in nature and now that I’m an adult I try to educate kids to “leave the world a bit better than you found it”.

So, when I found out about ESC and, particularly, GEAI, I instantly knew that this was my path to make the most of my knowledge and my passions” 


I’m from Soligorsk, one of the youngest cities in Belarus. Its history began only in 1958 when on the site of the future city the deposits of potash salts were found, and therefore there appeared a settlement for miners.

I have a bachelor’s degree in international law. During my studies I was feeling concerned about the topic of human rights, therefore I had a previous volunteering experience in this field. After graduating I started work as a lawyer in a building company, but I’ve always stayed interested in international law, especially in international environmental law. Besides, since recent time I have a strong passion for social media marketing and believe that social media have a huge potential in influencing people’s attitude to the environment.

One of my reasons to be a volunteer here is to gain international experience in the field of environmental protection and to learn how other communities tackle climate change. During my project I want to focus on managing social media and working with students in local schools. I also hope that this volunteering project will be a good opportunity to prove myself as a lawyer by sharing my knowledge in environmental law.

I’ve been in Ireland almost two months and I’m enjoying Irish weather (no kidding, it’s colder in Belarus in winter), music sessions in pubs and kindness of Irish people.


I’m from Cluj Napoca, Romania. Even though I’ve lived my whole life in cities I’m in love with nature. When I was little I was fascinated by nature documentaries and this transformed into a passion for the outdoors when I grew up. I’ve studied software engineering and worked in software development for more than 7 years. My passion for sustainability, environmental and animal protection made me volunteer for causes associated with these issues. In the last few years my concerns about the climate crisis grew and I decided I wanted to do more.

I hope this volunteering opportunity with GEAI will give me the courage to start a personal project regarding climate related issues. While I’m here I want to learn as much as possible about hands-on activities in an environmental NGO and also develop my communication and social media skills. I also want to immerse myself in Irish country life, a totally different lifestyle of what I experienced before and of course visit as much as possible of this Emerald Island with its stunning landscapes.


Born and raised in Lombardy, Northern Italy, a foggy region that share a connection with Ireland: a Celtic tribe, the Camuni, settled in its green, glacial and lake-filled valleys.

After my bachelor’s degree in Milan (fashion capital anyone?) I moved to the heart of Italy where I was forged as a citizen of Rome. My romanization led to an obsession for “cacio & pepe” pasta. However, old southerner blood flows in my veins. My background spans from humanities to econometrics passing through political science and env&dev economics. Recently I took a diploma of specialization in international cooperation. I have working experience in NGOs and social enterprises, in the fields of energy, AFOC and civic crowdfunding. I’m all about clean energy access for community empowerment. My dream in the drawer is to run a social enterprise to help the rural poor coping with their energy needs.

As a musician, I have found my natural habitat in Ireland countryside. You can always find me at a session. I’m a wanderer, an archer, a songwriter and used to be a videogame fanatic. I enjoy simple things: riding my bicycle along the river with a bag full of comic books, philosophising around Star Wars, exploring ruins in the jungle. But I get lost in supermarkets.


I am from Nantes, the old capital city of Brittany.

I have been interested in environmental and energy issues since I was young. I did all my studies in this way: technical energy degree, energy engineer and energy economist.

I intend to contribute to solving the problems imposed by current energy and environmental challenges!

I am passionate about sports. I have been playing football for more than 15 years. Now, I like running, and more specifically trail running.

Ireland seems to be a good place for practicing in nature and around all the lakes!

This ESC project is a good opportunity for me to combine an exciting job with improving my English.


Hi, I’m Alexandra – Sasha for short. I’m from Eastern Europe, Belarus.
Five facts to give you an idea about my country:

  • our landscape is mostly thick forests, rivers, bogs and lakes;
  • we have the world’s largest population of wild European bison;
  • Minsk is the capital;
  • our specialty is potato pancakes with sour cream (?);
  • we are bilingual, both Belarusian and Russian are spoken.

So, what can I tell you about myself? I’m a twenty-six-year-old graduate of a linguistics university, with work experience in teaching and journalism. Passionate about visual art, music, fitness, travelling and environment. During my placement in GEAI I would like to work with young people in schools, raising awareness about climate change, and also gain experience in blogging in English and managing social media. A personal goal that I would like to achieve is to run a marathon – I’ve already taken part in 10K and half marathon races here in Ireland.

I’ve been here for a few months now and I can say that Ireland is a great place to go volunteering for a year… lots of things happening around – music events, running events, beautiful places to visit and friendly people around that make you feel at home!


I am Greek and my small hometown is one of the most ancient cities in Europe. It is called Argos and some may know it from history and mythology.

I have lived and worked in different countries but Ireland seems special. Green and grey and rainy all the time, people are usually asking why I would leave Greece to come here. Well I had heard a lot about how beautiful the nature is here, and how kind and friendly the people are. Coming here I realised it was all very true.

I am very excited to work with GEAI, all the projects and causes interest me personally and academically. And my colleagues are very sweet and welcoming.

I am a PhD student in Prague and I love travelling – I have already visited 30 countries and I am aspiring to visit all the rest! Talking about big dreams, I hope to learn tin whistle and set dancing here in Ireland. I am also practicing yoga and I am looking forward to some outdoors yoga by the Atlantic Ocean.


I’m from Messina, a city of Sicily, sunny island of southern Italy. I studied in Urbino – picturesque town of the Renaissance in the central Italy – where I took a master degree in “Design and Communication for Publishing”. I worked as graphic designer in Bolzano, northern Italy, where three different languages ​​are spoken: Italian, German and Ladin.

I participated in the creation of a new Agrocité in Paris, as part of the “Co-produced resilience” project promoted by Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée, about practices and networks of urban resilience. Moreover, I collaborated with the Italian designer collective Brave New Alps in the construction of the “Hospital(ity) school”, a wooden structure that host an Italian school and a medical and legal assistance point in a refugee camp in southern Italy.

My training in design allows me to develop participatory and site-specific projects that can  involve a given community. I’m interested in deepening design for sustainability and social innovation. During my studies I couldn’t spend a year studying abroad under the Erasmus+, so I decided to try an EVS before I turned 30, to get to know a new culture, meet new people and also to improve my English.


I come from a small city in the South of Brittany, in France. I’m 24 years old and I have a Bachelor’s degree in SEO (web content and social media).

I had a previous volunteering experience in the field of women’s rights in France, and now I would like to explore working in the environment domain. I feel concerned about this topic for years. Indeed, I’m passionate about animals and nature.

I want to involve myself in causes that are important to me, and try to make a better world. This EVS is a great opportunity for that, and to discover Irish culture, improve my English and be part of a great adventure!


Hello there!
I come from a very tiny village in the North of Italy. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science of International Relations and a Master’s degree in Environmental Economics and Policy.

I joined GEAI in September 2017 driven by a very strong interest in research and advocacy for climate change and environmental issues. I was looking for an opportunity to strengthen and develop new skills while working on topics I’m really passionate about and I believe the EVS experience could provide that.

I’m a travel addict besides being a nature and animal lover. My main hobbies include reading, gardening, hiking, listening to music and watching soccer. Since I arrived here, I fell in love with Irish traditional music (and set dancing!), the kindness of Irish people and the beauty of these stunning hilly landscapes sprinkled with dozens of lakes.

I’m very delighted to have been chosen as the Cool Planet Champion for County Leitrim, an initiative aimed at rasing awareness on climate change and supported by the Environmental Protection Agency. I’m really excited about it!


I come from Rijeka, the third largest city of Croatia. I lived there for almost my whole life. I’m 26 years old. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Informatical business, and a Master’s degree in Marketing at the Faculty of Economics in University of Rijeka.  During my studies I went on a Erasmus study stay to Finland where I took courses on Digital marketing and Marketing Social media in 2017.

I have experience with Erasmus+ projects, and have participated on 8 projects (youth exchanges, training courses, contact making seminar) in Turkey, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Cyprus, Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland on various topics. I’m interested in environment, ecology and climate change.


I come from Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, a region in the North-East coast of Spain. I’m 25 years old and have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Barcelona. I also have two Master’s degrees, one on Renewable Energy and Sustainability, and the other on Training of Secondary Professional and Language teachers.

I am enthusiastic about sustainability, animals and environment in general. I consider myself a good communicator and I’m very passionate about sharing this knowledge with others. I want people to be more aware of how to improve the world we live in, in respect of the environment. But also to be aware of actions that can harm the environment. Living in Ireland is a great opportunity for me to soak up the perspective and culture of Ireland, to learn more about sustainability, also to improve my English skills and to enjoy this adventure!


Hi! I am a 26 years old French girl originally from a small Normandy village. I come from an artistic background; I have a bachelor’s degree in Literature and a Master’s Degree in Cinema. I also am a committed vegan!

I have some volunteering experience in helping on movie sets, helping organise a cinema festival in Paris, helping a theatre company with communication on social media. I also have volunteered for eight months in a Wildlife Rescue Centre, helping take care of wild animals in distress and developing a communication tool for its team to use.

So here I am. I am passionate about environmental and social issues. I want to act for our planet and the people living on it. Besides, I love Ireland: its culture, its music, its Nature, its people’s kindness, its beers… I hope this EVS will give me the opportunity to do work that matters and to immerse myself in Irish culture while meeting a lot of friendly people.


My name is Andrea. I am from Vigo, a costal city in Galicia (Spain). I studied Environmental Science and I made a Master Degree in Renewable energies. I was really happy to be in Ireland and to experience what the EVS means. GEAI helped me to develop my work skills and also to contribute in the idea of building a better world.

I am really concerned about the environmental issues. I love travelling, exploring cultures and meeting new people. This EVS gave me the opportunity to do all I am passionate about and to grow as a person.

Andrea is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Education in Spain, and plans to follow that up with a similar qualification in England.


Hello, my name is Kate. I am from Belarus. Belarus is a small landlocked country in southwestern Europe. I graduated from Belarusian National Technical University with a degree in hydraulic engineering. I have almost four years of experience in the field of hydrotechnical construction. Also I am a freelance photographer. I take photos not only of people or nature, but also of buildings and construction in progress. Volunteer service in GEAI was a great opportunity for me to broaden my education and raise awareness of climate change, study renewable energies and improve my English skills. Also it is a great possibility to discover such an interesting country as Ireland, the Emerald Island. I admire the unique Irish customs!

I truly believe that I was useful for GEAI and working in this organisation helped my personal development and had a positive influence on my future.

Kate is currently working as an IT Business Analyst at EPAM Systems in Belarus.


My name is Alexandre and I come from Lisbon, Portugal.  Despite my educational background (Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy) I decided to join GEAI because it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to experience what it is like to be a volunteer in an EVS project. I am very happy to have been part of an organisation that works towards making a difference in the future of our planet. I am very fond of travelling and meeting new people.

Alexandre currently works as a “Customer Happiness Hero”, also Translator, Knowledge base & Integration Specialist at Smartsupp in Brno, Czech Republic.


Irakli from Georgia, Tbilisin started his EVS project with Good Energies Alliance in September of 2015. In Georgia he worked on projects with civil society on the problems of refugees and IDPs (internally displaced population).

He ended his EVS in Ireland where he liked it very much and though people around him are really warm. Irakli says: “My life in Ireland was very funny and concentrated on the EVS .I have a lot of new friends here and it makes me really happy.”


Alice wrote at the start of her EVS in 2015: ”I am a Romanian girl that is in love with nature, I studied Geography and I consider myself a world traveller, I am fascinated by the complexity of the Earth but also by human nature and the cultural heritage of the world. I always wanted to be a volunteer and GEAI is offering me the best opportunity to do it, working for the environment and getting to know and live in a new culture”.

Alice is a Freelance Photographer and has her own blog http://www.cookingmalandrina.com, but she is also a Freelance Consultant at Appen.


Cedric wrote at the start of his EVS in 2015. “I’m French and I’m 24. I’m a law graduate from Lyon in France. This is my first trip to another country. Everything is new for me and I already like the warmth of the Irish people. I’m so happy to be here in Co. Leitrim for my EVS. It’s a chance to work for GEAI. I can improve my report method and learn the work of NGOs. The coming year promises to be very interesting and I want to give the best of myself for GEAI activities”.
Cedric has returned to France to continue his education, but this time in journalism. This is what he always wanted and his EVS experience confirmed that this was right for him. He has started his studies in International Affairs Journalism.


I’m from the Azores, in Portugal. And I’m 24 years old.

Lisandra talking about EVS: “You can meet people from all over the world. You can get to know the Irish culture. Don’t be afraid because it’s an amazing experience that you will not regret.”
One of Lisandra’s main contributions to the work of GEAI was the solar energy paper on our view to the matter. Lissandra is currently doing a PhD on Renewable Energies in Estonia!


Originally an Urban Planner, Irina joined the Good Energies Team as a researcher on Renewable Energies. Born and raised in Romania, she did a Master’s degree in Environmental and Infrastructure Planning in the Netherlands and she one of her main contribution to the work of GEAI was the wind paper on our view to the matter: “With this Position Paper we want to contribute to a scientific-based debate around wind energy in Ireland, as well as to help in building a more sustainable and fair country”, Irina said.

Irina now works in Bucharest as a Data Analyst in a company that promotes responsible investment and offers consultancy to people who wish to integrate environmental, social and governance information and assessments into their investment decisions and ownership practices. She is also in an environmental NGO and coordinates volunteers at the different actions realized in and around Bucharest.


Olga, a Ph.D. student in Architecture from Sloviansk in Ukraine worked with Good Energies Alliance Ireland as a graphic web designer. Her project included developing workshops on climate change and fracking. Also, the wonderful website was developed and maintained by her! “The graphic designer  skills which I’ve got in the organization and the Irish hospitality helped me to made my mind about nearest future, so I decided to continue volunteering for GEAI for the next year, and I am also taking  a web-design course.”

Olga is currently in New Zealand, sponsored by an architect firm to work in their team for a year.


Santi is an environmental journalist from Galicia, NW of Spain. After having worked in several printed and on-line media in three different languages, he learned how to help an organisation like GEAI with his communication skills. He was in charge of social media, press releases and this newsletter for the year and he did a very good job!

Santi is currently working in Central America as a Communications Officer, as part of the Trócaire Graduate programme.


Sergii came to us from Berdansk in Ukraine.  He is a Mining Engineer and has a Master’s degree specialising in drilling.  When Sergii came to Ireland, he already had four years of work experience in the oil and gas industry.  During the time that he was with GEAI, the campaign against fracking in Ireland was at its height.  His skills were very useful in our work of raising public awareness of fracking and its consequences.  He took on the updating of our website and the organisation of a major international conference in 2013.

Sergii is currently the Project Manager at Weatherford in Ukraine.


In 2012, GEAI had the opportunity of providing work experience to a young French EVS volunteer, Anais, who was hosted by MARDI (Making a Real Difference Ireland).  MARDI has close links with GEAI and has a history of sending volunteers abroad and organising youth exchanges.  Anais spent six months working with GEAI on the “Good Energies” project, which is on-going and includes much of the background work associated with GEAI, e.g. on-line work, promotion and research.  Anais, in collaboration with GEAI members, developed our website and social media functions and helped to organise many public events organised by GEAI.

Anais lives in France and has a full time position as a Journalist with a network of local newspapers.