Climate Change People Change (CCPC) is a strategic partnership and an international project, funded by Erasmus+, with partners from Ireland, Croatia and Italy.

The project is on-going and will have its final event – a show-case of the project and of the Climate Action Youth Week in February 2018.

The main aim of CCPC was to empower young Europeans in becoming Climate Champions.  This event brought 24 young people to Šolta island in Croatia for a week. This wasn’t just a trip to a beautiful place – it involved hard work as well.  The participants were challenged in many ways and gained more self-confidence as they progressed through the programme and carried out their individual projects.

Aims of the CCPC project

  • To establish a good partnership between the Irish, Croatian and Italian organisations involved in the project.
  • To identify young people who are interested in the problem of climate change in each partner country.
  • To bring them together for a week to learn more about climate change and how they can become climate champions – communicating the issues and inspiring others to take action.
  • To raise the capacity of the partner organisations to take on other projects in the future.

What did the project do to achieve these aims?

  • A meeting was held in each of the partner locations, bringing together representatives of each organisation and relationships were build between them.
  • To choose the participants for the climate action week, application forms were distributed by each partner and filled out by young people in each country.
  • A pre-event course for applicants was prepared using Facebook posts in a private Facebook group (see Climate Action Youth Week). The final selection of 24 participants was made.
  • Participants came to Croatia with Youth Leaders for a highly successful Climate Action week, which brought out their leadership qualities and inspired them all to further action against climate change.

Conclusions by young participants in Šolta, Croatia

Participants gained self-confidence, got more motivated, and have a better understanding of climate change and how to cope with it. Small changes in our daily lives can make a significant contribution to the global fight against climate change.

From a cultural perspective, the participants learned about Croatian and Irish cultures and how easy it is to connect with others, even if we come from different backgrounds.

The participants have knowledge that they would like to apply in their own house about saving water and energy, composting and the use of hemp for clothing etc. and reduce their carbon footprint. There are some project ideas that participants would like to incorporate into their own lives: a feeling of hope, a willingness to change and to help others change.

You can find more information about the project at the website for Climate Change People Change.