Energy Audit of Manorhamilton


Main objective

The aim of the survey was to give an idea of how much Manorhamilton spends on energy. This includes electricity, fossil fuels used for heating and hot water and petrol and diesel used for transportation.


For the audit to be statistically valid, a sample of 10% of the total occupied housing stock of 563 houses was needed, and this sample also had to have statistically valid representation of the different types of houses – 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, detached, semi-detached, etc. The Census 2011 statistics were used to give these background numbers. Most of the data (48 surveys) was collected by two teams, each of two people, in a door-to-door process. In
addition, eight of the surveys were carried out by students in Transition Year, St. Claire Comprehensive School, Manorhamilton. Total number of surveys was 56. The households surveyed were chosen from inside the urban area of Manorhamilton and the boundary for this was taken from the Leitrim County
Development Plan 2015 – 2021.

The data from the teams was collected during the evenings of 4 different days, 6th, 13th, 22nd and 26th of May. The students from the school were given a week, 4 to 11th of May, to fill in and return the questionnaire. Each of the students was given the questionnaire and instructions on how to complete it and was asked to have a discussion with his/her parents and fill it in as accurately as possible


Key figure

Distribution of energy costs

Based on the data gathered we were able to find out what Manorhamilton spends on energy and how the costs are distributed. As it can be seen in the figure above, 46% goes on petrol / diesel, 25% on electricity and 29% on other energy costs, used for heating and hot water. This means almost €2.2 million per year for the entire town.

The average spent per year per household on electricity, oil, gas and solid fuels (excluding transport) is approx. €2,250.

Main conclusions

The survey done was statistically valid, obtaining information from 10% (56 units) of the occupied house stock of Manorhamilton.

• House-owners were very aware of the value of insulation or double-glazing in cutting down on heating costs and 81% either had already increased the insulation of their homes or would consider doing so in the future.

• A surprising statistic is that transport cost (at 46%) was almost half the total energy cost for households in Manorhamilton. This is a reflection of the lack of public transport in this rural area.

• Electricity accounts for 25% of the total energy costs for Manorhamilton. As can be expected, the bigger the house, the greater the spend on electricity.

• Average energy costs (excluding transport) are €2,250 per household per year, €1.2 million for the entire town of 560 households.

• Average transport cost is €1,600 per car per year. Total transport costs for the town is €1 million per year.

• The total energy costs for Manorhamilton is, therefore, €2.2 million per year.

• This survey highlighted the following:

In the absence of suitable and frequent public transport, spending on petrol or diesel per car is almost as much as all other energy sources put together. This is an extraordinary burden on rural household budgets. The burden is additional on those homes (27%) that need more than
one car.

The survey also highlights the reliance of Irish homes on fossil fuels with 66% of houses using oil or gas for heating. In addition, 30% use solid fuels (including peat).

There is huge potential for lowering of energy uses and costs through the implementation of energy efficiency measures, e.g. more insulation, double glazing, domestic solar or other renewable systems

You can also download the report here.