Climate-Resilient Opportunities for Generations Ahead

What is Cróga?

Cróga means “Brave” in Irish and is the acronym of “Climate-Resilient Opportunities for Generations Ahead”.

Cróga is the ongoing GEAI climate action initiative.

Cróga does independent research, facilitates inclusive community dialogues and foster bottom-up policies and actions. The aim is to pave the way for a Just Transition to a Net-Zero county that enhance the livelihoods of present and future rural communities.

Cróga is the first project of its kind, employing an original county-centred methodology to account and tackle our Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions, domestically. The same methodology is transferrable to other sub-national areas.

The Cróga project has three phases:

Phase 1. GEAI researchers, with advice from national experts, study the current levels of annual GHG emissions and removals in the county. This consists in the accounting of heath-trapping emissions from the main activity sectors in Leitrim, e.g. agriculture and transport, as well as sequestration of carbon dioxide by natural carbon sinks, such as forestland. The output of phase 1 is a baseline report, a snap-shot of the county’s carbon balance.

Phase 2. GEAI facilitates Climate Dialogue sessions, inclusive and democratic spaces where anyone who has a stake in the climate & biodiversity crisis can participate. Attendees at such sessions include individual citizens, private sector stakeholders, local statutory organizations and community groups. The goal of Climate Dialogue sessions is to raise awareness and turn ideas into climate actions. Through dialogue, focus groups get together and co-design climate-resilient initiatives that will flow into a Climate Action Plan tailored to Leitrim, leaving no one behind.

Phase 3. Community-led carbon reduction initiatives are implemented, and policy proposals to support them are submitted. Best practices are shared and inspire other communities to follow suit.

The ultimate scope of Cróga is to empower Irish rural communities, make them climate-proof and sustainable. 

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