ACT4ECO is a new online platform that will help you become more energy efficient. Because there is room for everyone to act!

You can learn how to change your home, both on a small scale and on a larger scale. You can learn how to change your habits and become aware of unconscious energy-consuming traps you might fall into once you have improved your home.  You can learn how to avoid the ‘bounce back’ to previous bad habits. Many of us have a habit of leaving the light on once we have changed the lightbulbs to energy-efficient LED light bulbs but, becoming aware of this tendency can prevent you from falling into this trap! 

All in all, there is plenty you can do and ACT4ECO will provide you with some great tips. Even if you feel that small actions won’t have much of an impact, it all adds up once everyone tries their best. Every small contribution can make a difference.  Think about your family, your neighbourhood, your city, your country doing the same thing! Then, the change can be big! 

ACT4ECO empowers you to act. On ACT4ECO we will guide you through a step by step process on how to reduce your energy consumption, increase your comfort, save money, and fight climate change. We provide you with 24 actions you can take to become an energy-conscious consumer. 

Be part of the solution and find out how to reduce your energy consumption by exploring the ACT4ECO platform and content! 

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ACT4ECO was put together by a consortium of European academics, industries and practitioners in the energy world and was born as a Horizon2020 project. The Irish academic partner is UCC. GEAI is happy to support and spread this initiative.

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