Public Launch:

GEAI yesterday (12th February) attended the launch of a Call for ‘A Citizen’s Convention for a Post-Carbon Ireland’ by Irish Academics.  The non political group of independent academics from several Universities, etc. see the need for a commitment to a national debate and action on climate change.

They see the need for engagement by politicians and citizens in the many serious choices to be made, as well as the costs which will occur and are already occurring. An example of this is the necessity to invest more in infrastructure to protect vulnerable communities against flooding.

GEAI express their full support as a community body and hopes to participate in advancing this Call. Both GEAI and the concerned academics feel that, eventually, all citizens must be actively involved in the addressing the challenges that will face and  affect our children and grandchildren.

The launch was attended by senior correspondents  from RTE and Irish Times, among others.

GEAI wishes the academic signatories every success with this Call for a Citizens’ Convention; and also gently hope that you, the reader, will check the URL below and sign up!