We receive and copy this urgent communication from Sadhbh of Stop Climate Chaos. This has urgent priority so please take a stand with us.

Ireland could have a new climate law in a matter of weeks. But the current draft of this law has some alarming loopholes – that could let current and future governments “off the hook” when it comes to real climate action. For example the Government only has to “pursue” the 2050 objective not achieve it. And ministers aren’t given a clear duty to achieve our 5-year emission reduction targets when drawing up their plans. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. We simply can’t let these weaknesses stay in a Bill that should be driving climate ambition for the next decade! Could you email your TDs asking them to do all they can to close the loopholes in the Climate Bill?

Stop Climate Chaos has been campaigning for a strong climate law for years – it’s a crucial tool in the toolbox to drive down emissions. This month we’ve come tantalisingly close to finally getting the law we need to set legally binding emission reduction targets. So it would be devastating if the final law was scuppered by loopholes that can easily be closed. Because they can be closed.

As I write, the Climate Bill is being examined by a cross party committee on climate action – that can work to propose amendments and close loopholes in the Bill. We need to make sure that they propose all the key changes we need. And with this committee already examining the Climate Bill we don’t have much time. That’s where you come in. If hundreds of us email our TDs today, we can make the loopholes in the Climate Bill impossible to ignore. So will you take action today?

It’s thanks to people like you that the idea of a climate law is even being considered. When we first started campaigning for a decent climate law we were essentially laughed at. But now climate legislation is high up on the political agenda. And that’s thanks to the climate movement who have risen up and demanded change. Yes, the draft law we have today is not perfect. But if the climate movement acts now – like it has acted before – then I do think we can strengthen it. Will you join us for this last push and email your TDs?

With thanks for all that you do,

Stop Climate Chaos Policy Coordinator

P.S. After you’ve emailed your TDs you might like to retweet our tweet asking Government leaders to close loopholes in the Climate Bill. We published a new briefing on the Climate Bill last week – you can read our press release about it here. And the Irish Times published an article where I was quoted speaking about the Bill – which you can read here.
P.P.S. We organised a webinar to share our reaction to the Climate Bill and heard from Prof John Sweeney and Dr Diarmuid Torney. A recording of the webinar is now available here.