The GEAI CRÓGA Baseline Report will be launched at Leitrim Cróga Climate Dialogue Event

Attendance to the conference is FREE of charge but please register via following link:

CRÓGA (Climate Resilient Opportunities for Generations Ahead) is a project carried on by Good Energies Alliance Ireland to:

  • calculate greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions on a county basis
  • publish the findings
  • initiate local community Climate Dialogue sessions
  • design local solutions with and for the community

County Leitrim is the initial county chosen, but the methodology can be transferred to other counties. Carbon-emitting sectors examined are Transport, Energy, Residential, Commercial/Public Services, Industry and Agriculture. Potential and actual carbon sinks are also examined – Forestland, Wetlands, Hedgerows/Woodlands.

Questions the Baseline Report seeks to answer

  • Where do our greenhouse gas or carbon emissions come from?
  • How much is emitted?
  • Are any carbon emissions being absorbed? If so, where and how?
  • What about agriculture in Leitrim – good news or bad news?

Facilitated Climate Dialogue sessions will start the discussion of where we go from here, what decisions must be taken and what climate actions are required, on a statutory as well as community level. A priority is having a bottom-up, local approach to decision-making while ensuring the well-being of our communities.

Four GEAI European volunteers have carried out this research, supported by GEAI staff and advisors from IT Sligo and GMIT, among others. The volunteers are funded through the EU Erasmus+ programme and their work is coordinated by GEAI. Cróga means brave in Irish – an appropriate name for a brave project!