My name is Liv and I was born in Esslingen, a town next to Stuttgart in the South of Germany. As you can see in the picture, there is a beautiful medieval part of the town, which I often go to for shopping and eating.

Agnesbrücke am Roßneckarkanal

Close to my home town, there is the Swabian Alb. There are some beautiful hiking trails you can do and many castles you can visit. As parts of my family live in this region, I go there quite frequently.

Wackerstein, Aussichtspunkt

I have just recently finished school and as I don’t know yet what to do next I decided to do a gap year in order to become sure on what to study. I really want to leave a positive impact in this troubled world, which is why I could imagine studying something on natural protection. First I got aware of this topic in school, which is why I decided to join the environment club and write articles about climate change and pollution in our school’s magazine HEINEWS.

After finishing school, I went on Interrail with three of my friends. With only our backpacks and train tickets we travelled through Europe for one month. We explored Budapest, Ljubljana, Split and some of the bigger cities in Italy.

Split – Croatia

Coming to Ireland was a really big step for me, as I had never been away from home for longer than one month. Nonetheless I wanted to experience life outside school and improve my English.

My journey started early in the morning, when I took the train from Stuttgart to Frankfurt Airport. When I arrived in Frankfurt, it felt like I had to walk through the whole airport in order to get to my Gate. The first thing that I noticed as I arrived at the airport in Ireland was the countrys´ favourite colour, green, and I was also quite surprised that the Irish language is found everywhere. For example, a sign said “Lifts” but also “ardaitheoirí”. The bus ride afterwards was very beautiful because it was great for looking out the window and view the beautiful landscape.

A great welcome was the dinner at the home of one of the Mentors to which the volunteers were invited. I also felt very welcomed by the volunteers as they had put balloons in my room as well as little welcome notes. 🙂

Rosses Point Beach

I look forward to learning about culture, nature and life as well as changing something for the better. Improving myself and broadening my horizon will definitely help me to find orientation in life.