Our volunteers went on a trip to southwest of Ireland. We have put together the experiences of Ferruccio and Alessandro. 

Ferruccio’s adventure


Everything started with the idea to do a roadtrip trip through the south of Ireland. During  our roadtrip we put on music and listened to 80’s and 90’s music playlist from Arnaud’s cell phone, because the radio of the car didn’t work. Alessandro slept during the whole trip even if the music was loud! I really enjoyed the views while sitting in the car, the mountains and landscapes were amazing, they looked spectacular. We stopped often, drank tea at every stop and looked at some characteristic churches.

Here I am  in Ballybunion, close to the sea enjoying the sunset and the sea. When we arrived, we asked in some grocery store for directions. He was really curious about where we were from. Then he tried some basic words in Spanish and Italian so he could communicate with everybody. It was kind of beautiful how local people wanted to know about us. 

Afterwards we went  to our Airbnb. Arriving at the place we were shocked at how pretty the house was outside and inside, it looked new. Then the owner who greeted us was so kind, he showed us all the rooms and asked  what we wanted for breakfast and if we needed something particular as well.


Next day we travelled through magnificent scenery in Kerry. In this photograph, the narrow curving path near the stones goes down to the sand. The sand was yellow and pristine with nobody on it to disturb the peace. It was truly wonderful.

The island of Ireland is lovely as all the nature, culture and people around here captivates anyone who enjoys and feels these moments.


This day, we followed a route that took us past the castles on the south of Ireland and visited Cork and Limerick. As the photograph shows, from time to time canine friends would come to enjoy themselves with us! We thought that the castles were brilliant because of their architecture, their location, their construction and of course, the history that each of them has.

And now, let’s take a look at Alessandro’s trip

Mariangela, our Italian volunteer, had almost finished her time in GEAI, so the volunteers decided to spend time together visiting the south west of Ireland. During this road trip, we came across Cobh, one of the most colourful towns I’ve ever seen. Every house in this small port town close to Cork is a different colour, above them rises the impressive St Colman’s Cathedral. Cobh has been ranked as one of the most beautiful towns in Europe by Condé Nast Traveler. It is here that so many emigrants embarked in miserable conditions to escape the famine and find their fortune in America.  Cobh is the last place the Titanic docked before sailing away to meet its sad fate.

We walked around the whole city admiring the many bright and warm colours that the town presents. I don’t even need to tell you that we took more photos here than in our entire lives! Then, we visited St Colman’s Cathedral, one of the most beautiful Cathedrals I have ever seen. 

Before leaving, we tried the iconic Irish coffee, although I was very sceptical at first. After trying it, I have to admit it was tasty. Doubtless, this getaway in Cobh has greatly enriched my  Irish cultural knowledge. While we were travelling back to Drumshanbo, we planned our next road trip to Northern Ireland. Honestly, I’m so excited and I’m looking forward to visiting the coastline of Northern Ireland together with my volunteer colleagues.

During the visit into the castle we spent time walking and reading some scriptures in Irish and drawings on the walls. It was interesting the position of the castles in the middle of nowhere and in the top of the mountains to have the view of all the city I supposed when the invaders came to attack. In the same way we are talking about many centuries ago.

Definitely we enjoyed every moment we spent together walking, trying and learning the traditional Irish customs. Just imagine in the car we had spent almost a day traveling and listened to all kinds of music. The sad part of the story is the ladies in the photograph finished the volunteer stage and they left; instead there is another lady who already comes to enjoy us from Italy.