Agriculture and peatlands: the need for a new balance

“I invented the word “paludiculture” in 1998, in an article about the necessity for peat farming”, said Dr Joosten during our interview. “I visited Ireland for the first time in 1986 to install dams in Clara Bog in the Midlands. And even though the first steps for the restoration and conservation of peatlands were taken, in Europe there was still a big pressure for peat extraction. So, the issue still is that we need to find an alternative”.

The Process of Change for Peatlands' Sake

Finland and Ireland seem to be far away from each other, both from a geographical and cultural point of view. Nevertheless, if there is something that they have in common, it is a boundless natural landscape and people that love it without thinking it twice. This love comprehends peatlands, peculiar environments that can be found in both countries and that were considered for many years as mere “wastelands”.

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Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

When I first heard of the fact that spring in Ireland starts on 1st February, I couldn’t quite believe it. Why, Belarusian word for February – люты (luty) – literally means ruthless, fierce – meaning the frosts that usually reign over Eastern Europe on this month. So planting definitely doesn’t come up to my mind when I think of February…

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Nature is not a garbage disposal

Nature is not a garbage disposal

Nature is a phenomenon of the physical world, collectively, including plants, animals, landscape and other features and products of the earth. I want to show a video with you. In particular, I choose this one because it is a personification of Nature and I am sure it...

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