There are many changes happening in GEAI right now: we have just launched our new website and are currently busy preparing for the Cróga conference where we’ll present our newest report on Leitrim carbon emissions!
At the same time our team of volunteers has changed significantly in the last couple of months: Siri, our Greek ESC volunteer, ended her year long journey with us at the end of September, you can read her impressions on the year here.

Siri, our Greek ESC Volunteer

Sasha also finished her ESC volunteering year with us at the beginning of November, she also left us some thoughts about her experiences here:

Sasha, our Belarussian ESC volunteer

During my European Solidarity Corps year in GEAI I did so much I can hardly believe it’s only been a year!
I deepened my knowledge about the climate crisis in all aspects, from recycling at home and what we can do on individual level to climate justice and what has to be done globally to combat the climate crisis. With my fellow volunteers we worked with students, did energy surveys, researched carbon emissions of Leitrim, made a new website, attended many eye-opening training courses and so much more, and of course we shared our free time, spending evenings in our house, cooking something, playing music, or travelling around Ireland together.
I am forever grateful to everyone who made it possible, and I’m not saying goodbye, – just “see you soon!”.
Sasha Peralaika

In the meantime we welcome our newest ESC volunteer – Anamaria, from Romania. She joined us at the end of September and already dived into GEAI ongoing projects – working on the new website and taking part in the Climate Action Days programme with Boyle Transition Year students.
We are also expecting Alina from Belarus at the end of the week. She will complete our four-member volunteer team.