Climate change is becoming more and more evident. The environment is suffering; our lifestyles are changing; forecasts for the future are dire if we continue to waste resources and let global warming continue. Action is essential!  

Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI)’s volunteers delivered a programme of Climate Action sessions in May to the TY students of Lough Allen College to address this, promote their critical thinking and to give them tools to create campaigns on their own. Starting on May 17th, volunteers gave the first session in Lough Allen College in Drumkeeran. The students were introduced to climate change and its effects in County Leitrim, such as flooding in Carrick on Shannon in 2015. Different activities promoted discussion, including a card game created by Daniela Gil Gamboa, one of GEAI’s European volunteers.  

“We divided the class into groups and gave them a set of cards with causes and consequences related to climate change,” said Daniela. “For example, temperature increases (cause) makes glaciers melt at a faster rate (effect). The transition year class was actively discussing among themselves, and quickly realised that there isn’t only one effect for each cause, which was exactly the aim of this game! But beyond learning what’s happening to the environment, the students brainstormed a few initiatives they could start, like better recycling facilities in school and in shops. They were also left with the question: is there anything that I can do at home to help combat climate change?”  

Students from Lough Allen College at the second session in the Organic centre.

The second session took place in the Organic Centre in Rossinver on May 25th . This visit initially focused on showing the importance of organic farming and gardening for promotion of biodiversity. The second half of the visit was a workshop on how the students could create their own campaign. First, the students chose an issue they think needs to be addressed and then had to answer: WHAT can we do to eliminate the issue, WHERE to take this action, WHO can help and WHY is it important. 

“All the groups came up with different environmental related issues, and from the ideas that were presented, we have no doubt that this is a class ready to take action!” said Daniela. 

In the next school year GEAI and its’ volunteers will take Climate Actions Days to other schools.  “We have no doubt that great change movements are starting from County Leitrim’s Youth!” said Daniela. “We are also happy to deliver workshops to interested community groups and organisations. Our phone number in GEAI is 071 9643117.”