We are happy to launch our new on-line Climate Action Dialogues to give you a chance to have your say on what needs changing in Leitrim and what actions can be taken to make these changes.

 It’s just the right time to decide on climate actions -the government is putting a new Climate Act into legislation and is also engaging in public consultation process called Climate Conversations. However, all of us are impacted by climate change and the targets set to reduce our carbon emissions. We must all engage with the process and make our voices heard.  So our challenge has been to design Climate Action Dialogues that will be online but will not require technical expertise from the participants. Anyone should be able to participate regardless of background and find the sessions social, enjoyable and challenging.  We hope we’ve succeeded!

Our first two online sessions will take place on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th June at 7 pm and will be focused on Leitrim, since that’s where GEAI is situated, although people from other counties are of course welcome. (We intend to also host similar events elsewhere, keep an eye out for dates.) During the two sessions we will focus on three themes that are the biggest emitters for rural areas – Homes, Transport and Agriculture. We also will include Food and Waste as issues that are foremost in people’s minds. The aim will be to decide on actions that we can prioritise and to come up with strategies and a Plan to implement those actions, for example, political lobbying, community action and campaigns.

Leitrim County Council is drafting its Climate Action Plan at the moment, which should come from the ground up and should reflect the concerns of all local citizens.  We intend to submit the results of our Climate Action Dialogues to the Council and to influence their decisions. Here’s your chance to have an input! You can register for both sessions by clicking HERE

We look forward to seeing you there.