Last month Good Energies Alliance Ireland with the support of the Ballinaglera Development Association conducted a “Needs and Wants” survey for residents of the Ballinaglera Parish, with quite interesting results. We were exploring different ways of making the community hall a place that would bring the neighbourhood together and provide support and opportunities for the people of the Ballinaglera.

On the 18th of November, we were finally able to share our findings with the members of the community, during the Grand Reopening! Stay with us to find out more about this event.

Several speakers were present at the Reopening of the Hall – all of them with engaging and involving topics to share. The evening was opened by Terry Gilrane, Chair of Ballinaglera Development Association, who welcomed and thanked the community.

Following was Aedín McLoughlin, the CEO of Good Energies Alliance Ireland, who welcomed the people of the community as well and told the fascinating history of the Hall.

Then was Simona’s turn to talk. She is one of the GEAI’s volunteers and presented the results of the survey. The main topics were GEAI initiatives for the next year – the need for more social activities in the Hall, the community newsletter and much more. As well, the Hall will provide its broadband and space for remote working, for all the residents of the Ballinaglera community – undoubtedly a welcoming addition to the other services of the Hall, in today’s times!

The next speaker was Mel Gavin, Research Coordinator at IT Sligo, who gave a presentation on home improvements. Those house maintenance techniques include bits of advice on lowering costs of heating and electricity. Much needed knowledge in today’s environment.

IT Sligo Home Energy Grant Programmes

Last but not least, we had the honour of having the Leitrim County Councillor Paddy O’Rourke unveil the new Sign of the Community Hall, at the presence of the people of Ballinaglera: “It was a very successful event. I applaud the people who made grant applications, the volunteers and those on various schemes who helped preserve the building over the years. Hopefully, it will be here to serve the community for another hundred years!”. We hope that this small, but significant development will be the first in many changes to Community Hall.

Ballinaglera Hall
New sign for the new days to come!

After an eventful two hours, guests had time to enjoy themselves in the company of their neighbours with relaxing music, tea and snacks. Stay safe and healthy, and do not forget this wonderful evening. Good Energies Alliance Ireland and Ballinaglera Development Company look forward to meeting all of you in the future!

Written by: Ilya Linevich