Leitrim Cróga Climate Dialogue

The goal of the Climate Dialogue is to co-design a bottom-up Climate Action Plan for Leitrim that puts the well-being of the citizens at its core, while moving towards a sustainable and thriving future.

What is a Climate Dialogue?

Nationally, Climate Dialogue sessions provide opportunities for everyone who has a stake in the Climate Crisis to contribute with ideas and actions to tackle it. Climate Dialogue sessions are inclusive and democratic spaces that provide people a compass in the climate-verse. Sessions are facilitated by GEAI staff and entail many interactive activities and workshops. The goal of Leitrim Cróga Climate Dialogue is bring the community together to come up with bottom-up initiatives and policies to make Leitrim climate proof, while protecting the well-being of current and future generations. As Phase 2 of the Cróga project, three Climate Dialogue sessions are currently being organised by GEAI.

Take part in the Leitrim Cróga Climate Dialogue!

The facebook group is where the Climate Dialogue is kept alive inbetween live sessions. In the Leitrim Cróga Climate Dialogue FB group you can share ideas, recommend good practices, advance proposals, find partners to organize climate actions… anything can accelerate the debate.

GEAI will periodically engage with the community with surveys, polls and focus groups.

Climate Dialogue live sessions are organised periodically by GEAI

Save-the-Date for upcoming session will be posted here.

Attendance at Climate Dialogues is open to individual citizens, community groups, voluntary organizations, stakeholders from private sector and local statutory organisations.

Resources from the Climate Dialogue sessions

The first Leitrim Cróga Climate Dialogue session was held in Ballinagleragh, the 7th of December, in the Ballinaglera Community Hall. The session marked the start of Cróga Phase 2. For a description of the first Climate Dialogue session, see this blogpost.

The second Leitrim Cróga Climate Dialogue session was held in Carrick-on-Shannon, the 20th of February, in the Bush Hotel. Description of this session in this blogpost.

Second session’s greatest outcome was the sketching of about 30 Cróga Ideas by the Climate Dialouge’s community, in the domain of Housing, Transport and Land Uses

GEAI is in the process of reviewing and selecting the most feasible and appropriate climate ideas for Leitrim. This process is open to Climate Dialogue’s focus groups. The selected Cróga ideas will become the backbone of Cróga Action Plan, as Cróga Actions. GEAI will facilitate the design and adoption of the Cróga Action Plan, providing advice, policy recommendations and planning.